Things To Do In Amsterdam Besides Go To a Coffee Shop

By Yasi Agah


When you think of Amsterdam you must have a lot of stereotypes that pop into your head — coffee shops, the red light district, and others that might scare you off. 

But Amsterdam is such a unique, beautiful and eccentric city with lots of areas to explore and activities to do and is a must see when visiting Europe. Here are 10 activities to do in Amsterdam that will give you the full spectrum of what this city is really like:



Go Shopping

Whether you’re looking for quaint high-end boutiques or second-hand shops, Amsterdam has everything. From hipster one-of-a-kind t-shirt shops to street markets and bazaars, there is no doubt you’ll find plenty of treasures in Amsterdam.



Take a Canal Tour

Did you know Amsterdam has more canals than Venice? Enjoy a unique perspective of the city by hopping on a canal tour. The row-house-lined blocks of the city will surely amaze you.

Ride bikes through Vondelpark


 Bike riding is a lifestyle in Amsterdam, however, you may be getting in over your head if you try and hop right into the public bike lane which can have more traffic than a typical road. Spend some time cruising through Vondelpark. Stress-free and so beautiful!

Take a Day trip to the Keukenhof Gardens

About 30 miles southwest of Amsterdam is the small village of Lisse, home to the Keukenhof Gardens. In March, you can find miles and miles of artfully planned tulip gardens, like something out of a fairytale.

Explore the food scene

Maybe you’re studying in Italy, where you’re up to your eyeballs in pasta and pizza, or France where you consume baguettes and French onion soup daily.

You’re probably ready for some variety in your diet. (Cue harps and holy music). Amsterdam has anything your heart desires. From the best falafel you’ll ever eat, giant-sized pancakes, and even sushi!

Grab a beer with a view



  Because, wow.

Learn about the red light district

 Sure, you may have heard that prostitution is legal in Amsterdam, but do you know why or how this came about? Educate yourself, and you may be surprised about how you feel afterward.

Go to a concert

Amsterdam has a surprisingly cultivating music scene. There’s always a big headliner performing in Amsterdam. Cough Cough…Beyonce and Jay-z.

Visit Anne Frank’s House

 If you didn’t already know, the house Anne Frank and her family spent years of hiding in, is located right in the center of Amsterdam. Relive a humbling part of world history by touring the four walls that birthed The Diary of Anne Frank.

Check out the Van Gough Museum


Even if you know absolutely nothing about art, you’ll recognize something in the Van Gough Museum. Surprise your folks back home by doing something cultural in Amsterdam.



There is a lot to do in Amsterdam (besides the usual coffee shops). If you’re looking for beauty, art, museums, culture, and history then this is the spot for you. Book your trip with Bus2alps to Amsterdam and see this city yourself!