A Night by Night Guide to Going Out in Florence

Ciao miei amici!  Whether you’re studying in beautiful Florence or are just planning on coming for a vacation, you’re all going to be looking for the best places to enjoy an adult beverage or two, and I’m here to help.  Here’s your night by night guide to going out in Florence.


Monday nights are personally one of my favorite nights to go out in Florence. I know that sounds weird, but locals and students alike pack the town to celebrate surviving the dreaded worst day of the week. The best place to start your Monday night is at none other than the famous Lion’s Fountain Irish Pub (Borgo Alibizi, 34R). Join the Bus2alps crew for Dollar Night every Monday where you can use your American Dollars (6 of them) or 5 euros for your choice of draft beer and the shot of your choosing. After enjoying the good company, cheap drinks, and signing your schools’ t shirt hanging from the ceiling, many people want to get their dancing shoes on and head over to either Yab (Via de Sassetti, 5R) for a fancier club, and for those who don’t want to pay a cover but still want to dance head over to Blob (Via Vinegia, 21R).  Some of your best memories abroad will be on these Monday nights so enjoy.



The next day of the week includes some recovery from Monday night and barely making it to your classes on time. After some Advil and a nap, you’re ready for round 2. The best way to start your night off is at Astor Cafe (Piazza Duomo, 20R) for Trivia Night. Grab some friends, some cheap mixed drinks and get the chance to win Bus2alps tours, beer towers, and more. After trivia is over, Astor will keep the party going with a DJ and such. Another good option is to head over to Kikuya (Via De’ Benci, 43R) for Sticker Night. Buy any beer (Dragoon’s are the best!) and underneath will be a sticker you peel off for the chance to win beers, shots, t-shirts, hats, and such. This combined with a cool pub vibe to sit and hang with friends can make for a great night.



Start your Wednesday off at one of cheapest bars in Florence and one of my favorites, Shot Cafe (Via Pucci, 5). With their shot trays, huge pitchers of mixed drinks, and fun different types of shots, the awesome bartenders will make sure to quench your thirst. Had a few too many shots and feeling like, “Screw guys tonight, I just want to dance”; well head over to none other than Club TwentyOne (Via Cimatori, 13R). “21” is a smaller style club, but with no cover on Wednesday’s and some good DJ’s, it makes for a good end to Wednesday night.



Head over to Conad and grab some more Ibuprofen because I know your head has got to be hurting by this point; but great moments are born from great opportunity, and that’s what you have here, so battle through that hangover and get ready for Thursday. Head over to your favorite bar for some drinks (Astor Cafe and Kikuya listed above are good bets) and then head on over to Full Up for a cool night club/lounge feel.  Get in for just a euro (or 10 euros with 2 drinks) until 1:30 and enjoy your Thirsty Thursday. In the summer Blanco Beach Bar will be packed with some of the best DJ’s in Florence as well.

full up


The entire town of Florence is going to be packed all over the place so almost any bar you go to will make sure for a good time. Though if you’re getting a bit tired of seeing only American students out and want to meet some more locals, head over to Monkey Bar (Via Della Mattonaia, 20R) for some drinks and a good cultural experience. Feel free to head to any of the bars, but my preference is to head back over to Yab or Club TwentyOne for a clubbing experience that won’t break the bank; but once it gets warmer and opens back up, I definitely recommend Blanco Beach Bar (Via Generale Dalla Chiesa, 11). A bit outside of Florence, take the bus out with your friends and check out the amazing venue of the outdoor club with an awesome bar and great dance floor makes it a can’t miss.



You’ve made it, the biggest night of the week: Saturday. So put on your big boy/girl pants and get ready to do it all one more time. Similar to Friday night, the pregame spot does not make much of a difference as there will be plenty of each (I recommend Shot Cafe that I listed above personally). After choosing your pregame spot of choice, head on over to Florence’s biggest club of them all: Space Club (Via Palazzuolo 37). With multiple floors, dancers everywhere, some of the world’s biggest DJ’s coming to this venue; Space will give you some crazy nights.



Sleep in. Eat greasy food. Watch Netflix. Repeat as necessary.

Enjoy your nights in Florence. Always say yes to going out, even when you have a test the next day, because nobody remembers the nights that you got enough sleep and you’re only here for a couple of months, so enjoy it and pop champagne.


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