A Little Taste of Home in Croatia

If you’ve been studying abroad for longer than a week, you’re probably like us and miss your favorite food from back home. Dreaming of that local burger joint or that bomb sushi place that had endless amounts of pink sauce (if you don’t know what pink sauce is, I truly feel sorry for you). What about that farm-to-table place in town that had the best salads?

Now that you’re abroad, all of these luxuries seem hard to come across. But don’t fret, if you go to Croatia, they have those little meals you desperately miss.

Here are some restaurants serving some of your favorite meals from back home: 

Homesick and craving a juicy burger? Toto’s Burger Bar located right on the Riva in Split, Croatia is the perfect place for you. Enjoy various types of mouth-watering burgers ranging from a classic beef burger to several vegetarian options paired nicely with a Croatian beer and exquisite views.

Burgers, not your thing? Don’t worry Toto’s gives a whole new meaning to the word salad. 

Photo by: @paula_binkowska

You use to run on Dunkin’ now you just run on lack of sleep and sugar cravings. Croatia’s mini donut stands will not let you forget about your sweet tooth.

These mini donut and crepe food stands serve bountiful delicious treats that can be enjoyed before, during, and after all meals. Savor these mini donuts and crepes that can be topped with various sweet-treats for cheap at small food stands in front of the Riva.

Photo By: @bota_sare

We know the endless amounts of bread, wine and pasta can start to get old after a while. That’s why Bota Oyster and Sushi Bar is a nice break from your typical European meal.  Indulge in the Croatian culture with fresh seafood from the Adriatic Sea

This sushi bar offers top quality Japanese cuisine located in the center of downtown Split. Splurge on all types of seafood ranging from raw oysters and Tuna Sashimi to a Bota Plate, filled with several options of cooked and raw sushi rolls.

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