10 Reasons Why Budapest and Vienna Should be Your Next Destination

1.Thermal Baths

We all go on vacation to have a little me time. So why not sit back, relax and enjoy the world’s largest outdoor “hot tub”?  Enjoy the healing waters until your fingers turn all pruney or bask until the Széchenyi Thermal Baths turn into a rave at night.

Budapest, Hungary

2. Bar Scene

From the ruins pubs in Budapest to the Bermuda Triangle in Vienna, you have plenty of options to wet your whistle. Taste test everything from the traditional Hungarian pálinka to the variety of Bavarian beers or schnaps offered in Vienna.

3. Food

Any foodie knows the most important part of traveling is eating local cuisine, and Budapest and Vienna have incredible dishes to choose from. Goulash, dumplings, schnitzel, and noodles– the options are endless. #Yum

4. Fresh Markets

If meats don’t tickle your taste buds, treat your sweet tooth to some apple strudel and Sachertorte. Traveling and trying to stay healthy? The Great Market Hall in Budapest and Naschmarkt in Vienna have farmer’s markets every day that display their prize-winning crops.

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5. Public Transport

Vienna, the dreamboat that it is, has an awesome public transportation network (deemed one of Europe’s best) with buses, trains, trams, and subways.  Budapest, while extremely pedestrian friendly with compact neighborhoods, has metro stops every 5 minutes from each other.

6.  It’s Cheap

Ball out like a young Marie Antoinette in Vienna or live like kings in Budapest. Both cities are extremely budget-friendly. The Hungarian Forint’s (HUF, Hufflepuff, etc.) exchange rate is one of the best you’ll ever experience while in Europe. All-you-can-eat buffet meals will cost you around €15, and you can get a beer of stein for around €3.

7. Hidden Gems

Ever wonder what it’s like to crawl through caves beneath a city? Experience it for yourself in Budapest. It’s like a gold mine down there. Want to feel the wind in your hair? Vienna’s Prater amusement park is just another way to channel your inner child and escape the city feel. You can see some more hidden gems here.

8. Opera

I know, I know, it doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing to do in these destinations. But Vienna and Budapest are home to some of the most beautiful opera houses in all of Europe. Some real Phantom of the Opera vibes going on here. You’re in the land of Mozart and Beethoven, so why not? You can get €1 tickets in Budapest and €4 tickets in Vienna. Even if you just go for 30 minutes, well worth it.
Dancers dance at the traditional opera ball in Vienna

9. Vienna Zoo

It’s not every day you’ll be able to visit the world’s oldest operating zoo. Located just behind the Schönbrunn Palace, you can gander at the zoo’s most exotic animals. Feed some giraffes, pet some pigs, and watch the penguins waddle.

10. Green Space

City life can get claustrophobic and sometimes it can feel like the buildings are closing in on you.  Just think of big, wide, open spaces. Budapest and Vienna both have plenty of green space for you to enjoy. Relax and meditate in one of their lush, green parks or take a hike up to Buda Castle. The views you’ll get of the city are breathtaking.
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