5 Macaron Flavors You Need to Try at Ladurée

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By April Leonard

So let me start off by saying that visiting Ladurée in Paris was kind of a lifelong dream of mine and today I was fulfilling this dream…by visiting Ladurée, 16 Rue Royale, Paris. Was this dream created by me? No, it’s thanks to Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl, only my favorite character on my favorite show. Blair loved getting macarons from Ladurée, so therefore I did as well. This guide was possible thanks to Bus2alps, so please take a look at their excellent Study Broad Trips in Europe, including the unforgettable trip to Interlaken, Paris, and Barcelona!


When we turned down Rue Royale and I saw the pale green awnings I began jumping up and down and squealing. I couldn’t believe I was about to walk into Ladurée. The history of the Ladurée macaron starts in the beginning of the 20th century when Pierre Desfontaines thought of taking two macaron shells and filling them with ganache. Since then, the recipe has not been altered.

30 Macarons from Ladurée, Paris

French Macarons

After the purchase of a box of 30 macarons, I have tried all the flavors and the following were my top 5 favorite must try types.

  1. Rose Petal. Tastes exactly how a rose smells and is there anything better than that?
  2. Orange Blossom. Light and fresh.  
  3. Raspberry. Tastes like a very sweet, fresh-picked raspberry.
  4. Salted Caramel. Sweet and salty, the perfect mixture.
  5. Marie Antoinette Tea. If you like tea you’ll love Marie Antoinette as it has the perfect amount of flavor.

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