5 Countries You Must Visit During Your Spring Semester Abroad

By Yasi Agah

You’re about to embark on an incredible part of your life — studying abroad. You have been waiting for this moment your whole college career. You get to run around Europe for 4 months. How amazing is that? Studying abroad comes with a lot of decisions. One of those big decisions is figuring out where to travel!

Here are a few tips on cities that you must visit during your Spring Semester abroad. Let’s start off with the colder places in January and then head to the coast once the sun comes back out in April:

Interlaken, Switzerland

Does this place actually exist? “Interlaken” literally means “between lakes” because it’s known for its crisp blue water. The lakes are made up of a variety of minerals which is why it has this unreal color. Not only is this place stunningly beautiful and has killer photo ops, but there is a ton of activities to do! There is a whole range of activities from chocolate making classes, spa days, fondue tasting to sledding, hiking and skydiving. You can go from totally relaxed to high adrenaline in a split second. If you’re looking for a winter wonderland that truly has it all, then Interlaken is the place for you.

Budapest, Hungary

This place is a must go if you love delicious food, history, architecture and endless activities to do. If you want to sightsee, you can go see the Buda castle, the famous Parliament building, House of Terror or any other historical museum. If you want to try great food, try langos, goulash or nokedli, all traditional Hungarian foods. And, of course, you must go to the classic Széchenyi Thermal Baths and take a photo in the water. These warm baths will make any winter day feel incredible and the water is even known to have healing properties! Check out our Budapest trip, where you will even get to go see Vienna and Salzburg too!

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a fairytale come true — if you want a whimsical city with beautiful buildings that look like Cinderella could walk out at any moment, then this is the place for you. Besides walking through Old Town Square or standing in awe at the Prague Castle, there is also tons of history in this incredible city. Whether it’s walking through the Jewish Quarter or taking pictures and contributing to the Lennon Wall, there will always be a new place to explore and a new story to tell. The fairytale won’t end there — the nightlife will create lifelong memories with your new friends abroad. Come to Prague if you want an enchanting city that has endless opportunities.

Marrakech, Morocco

Welcome to Africa! Marrakech is located in Morocco in Northern Africa and is home to many mosques, gardens, palaces, and bazaars. You can head to the Hammam Baths to be fully pampered in these traditional baths inspired by the Ottoman Empire and Islamic culture. Or you can go shopping at Jemaa el- Fnaa, Marrakech’s old city where there are tons of shops where you can haggle and find exotic souvenirs and gifts. Another famous part of Morocco is Chefchaouen or the blue city.

 This whole city is painted blue and is a beautiful day trip if you want incredible photos and scenery. Whether it’s a spa day, exploring and shopping throughout the city, Marrakech is perfect if you’re up for a new culture and adventurous town. Not convinced yet? End your trip with a classic camel ride!

Amalfi Coast, Italy

The sun is finally shining and it’s springtime during your semester abroad. It’s finally time to head to the beach! Amalfi Coast is an absolute must if you’re going anywhere in Italy. Not only is this place stunning with its colorful houses, clear blue water, and soft sand, but there is so much to do that you will surely have a packed schedule. You can take a ferry to the nearby island of Capri, have a delicious seafood lunch and then head to the famous sea cave, the Blue Grotto. After exploring the ocean, you can come back and relax on the sand. If you want a more active there, there are tons of hike that will lead you to the most remarkable views in the world. This popular holiday destination is traveled to from people all over the world and gets booked up fast. If you want the chance to see this once in a lifetime place, book your trip today.


It’s time to hop on that plane and get to Europe! Whether you’re going to be sledding in Interlaken, shopping at the market in Marrakech or reading by the beach at the Amalfi Coast, you’ll never have a boring day while you’re abroad. Book these trips with bus2alps if you want an experience you’ll never forget!