If You’re Traveling Abroad You Need To Get This Card

By Jennifer Leavy 

Spending a semester abroad can be the most enriching and unforgettable
experience in a college student’s life. However, studying in a foreign city is
not without its difficulties, and one of these is money. Anyone who has spent
a semester in a foreign country can agree that withdrawing and exchanging
money overseas is a pain.

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From currency exchange rates to foreign transaction fees, the process is expensive, inconvenient, and even risky. This is why students planning to study abroad, or who are just starting their semester overseas, should sign-up for a Revolut card. Revolut is an online bank that has created a card specifically for spending and saving money abroad, without the hassle of costly fees, heavy commissions, or high exchange rates. The card comes with a mobile app, which makes it even more convenient. So here are a few reasons why you should get a Revolut card:

Wholesale Conversion Rates

With a Revolut card, you will receive “wholesale” conversion rates or conversion rates that have not yet been marked up by the banks. This is because Revolut uses currency
exchange rates between domestic and international banks, which can save you, the account holder, a lot of money.

Multiple Currencies

A Revolut card allows you to hold money in more than one currency. For example, you can keep both your US dollars and your Euros, but also the currency for cities you plan on visiting that don’t use either, like Prague (Czech Korona) or Budapest (Hungarian Forint).

Simplicity and Convenience

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The Revolut Card allows for both cash payments and card transactions to work seamlessly with a mobile app, and has the added bonus of rapid currency order fulfillment. All of
this makes managing your money while overseas simpler, more convenient, and way less stressful.

Amazing Features

Revolut card account and mobile app come with amazing, important features such as tools for budgeting and advanced prevention against fraud or identity theft.

So now that you know why you need a Revolut card for your semester abroad, how do you get one? Simply download the mobile app on your phone and sign up for an account. The card typically arrives within a week after registration. Then, you can link it up with your bank account or credit card, much like Paypal.  Finally, you can start saving money overseas!

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