4th of July in Europe

Happy 4th of July! Today is the day we celebrate Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, and Randy Quaid saving our freedom from the alien herd. Today is the dress up in all your patriotic glory and sing songs from our forefathers.

While in Amurica we would get a high five for parading around like this, in Europe we may garner some odd looks. So what do we do over here for the red, white and blue? Well, there are not too many large events. Some cities put on events for the expats, especially Zona Americana in Florence. Astor will be throwing down with an old fashioned BBQ while the Clock Tower Pub Crawl will be hosting a Red, White, and Blue rager around the city bars.

For all of you expats and students out there in search of some old fashioned Apple Pie fun, here are some fun suggestions to show you patriotism.

Tiber Tea Party – Apparently the Romans do all they can to avoid commemorating the birth of the US of A. Well we know how to stick it to them. Taxation without representation, I think not. Dress up in true American garb; cut off jean shorts, Nascar tank, and a pack of Marlboro smokes and head on down to Tiber.

Have some Buds – The Czech Republic thinks they can steal America’s favorite beer. We have something to say to that. Buy a thirty of Budvar, paint the bottles red, white and blue, and stand in the middle of Wenceslas Square belting out the American National Anthem.

Celebrate in Jersey – Every All-American beach destination will be thriving this weekend with crazy parties, and lots of dancing. If you can’t make it to the Jersey Shore, you can always have the Isle of Jersey. This sleepy channel island won’t know what hit them when you and your buddies sporting the newest Ed Hardy tees take the streets.

Don’t Miss the Fireworks – Budapest is known for their fireworks. Ok, that was just in a Katy Perry video. Head to Eastern Europe, buy old-fashioned Soviet-era fireworks, and shoot off fireworks from the top of Castle Hill.

We the people – And of course, you can do the most American thing of all. Yep, head to Buckingham Palace and tell the Queen what you really think. Dress up as John Hancock, drape a 1776 American flag over your back, and recite the Declaration of Independence to her Majesty. ‘Merica!

Happy of Fourth of July!

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