4 London Food Markets You Need In Your Life

The English aren’t necessarily known for their cuisine but that doesn’t mean you should rule out their capital as a candidate for holding host to some of the world’s best food markets. London’s citizens are representative of hundreds of different countries around the world, thus making way for some of the world’s most varied and impressive food markets.

1. Camden Lock Market


Once you’ve spent hours sifting through the awesome non-food product you can buy at Camden, you’ll happen upon hundreds of stalls offering endless options. Once you’re on the bridge, take a right and you’ll be greeted with stalls on stalls of delicious Asian food. To your left, you’ll find food more representative of Europe and North America. It was here that I had the best ice cream sandwich of my life and have come to the sad realization that everything from there on out, would not measure up. If you happen to find yourself in Camden, look for Cookies and Scream for the best cookies, brownies, donuts & shakes and, surprise win – they’re made free or refined sugars, preservatives and all that other bad stuff society says is bad for us so, eat your heart out.

2. Borough Market 


Located just across the street from the London Bridge tube stop is the expansive Borough Market. This market is known for its abundance of local vendors who harbor a commitment to the offering the freshest foods. As a result, it’s known for its incredibly high quality and is regarded as a gourmet food market. Borough boasts over 100 different stalls owned by London locals but representing cuisine from all over the world. The market is open Monday thru Saturdays from 10:00 – 5:00 PM.

3. Maltby Street Market

maltby market

A smaller and more laid back market than the aforementioned, Maltby plays host to a number of artisan food and drink producers. Maltby is known as a Borough Market “spin off” as it started to emerge at a time when Borough Market was becoming more and more chaotic with visitors and tourists. Among the amazing stalls, some worth noting include include fresh cheeses, butter and yogurt at Neal’s Yard Dairy, a superior cup of coffee and a pastery from Monmouth Coffee, and famous Serrano ham from Tozino. Open every Saturday “until the gin runs out”, proclaims a sign at the mouth of the market, Maltby is one up and coming spot that is a must during your time in London.

4. Greenwich Market


The historical Greenwich market dates back to the 1800’s and has been feeding London residents ever since. Greenwich is more unique in that if offers more than just stalls and street food. Though it can guarantee you can find any different type of cuisine your heart might desire, the market also offers more formal dining options via it’s many pubs and restaurants – both of local and foreign origins. Not only does Greenwich offer you a wealth of options, it has stunning views of the Thames to make your foodie experience just that much better. The market is open Tuesdays – Sundays 10:00 – 5:30 PM.

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