Why Traveling By Bus Beats Flying Every Time

By Tom Skoff

Flying around Europe isn’t always as cheap and easy as it sounds. Delayed flights, overbooked flights, stuffy cabin service, and baggage fees are just some of the headaches that can come with flying. One of the most underrated forms of travel is being used more and more around Europe. A bus ride may not sound as glamorous as flying above the clouds, but it can take major headaches out of your travel experience, be easy on your wallet, and just as — if not more — gorgeous of a scenic transportation option.

1. No Lost Luggage Worries: 

You can ride comfortably knowing your bag is safely stowed right below you without the fear of it not arriving at your destination. Just simply get off the bus and grab your bags. See, stress-free travel! You also don’t have to worry about being charged for your luggage being too heavy or for having liquids in your carry-on bag…an added plus.

2. Rest Stops: 

By far one of the best reasons bus travel can be better than air travel is the rest stops along the way. Being able to stop for a bite to eat, a bathroom break, or stretch those cramped legs is a lifesaver on a long trip. You’re lucky if you get proper elbow room on a flight in Europe.

Photo Source: swissholidayco.com/Getting-around/PostBus

3. The Views: 

Traveling by bus through Europe can provide some of the most stunning road trip views you’ve ever seen. From quaint Italian villages and stunning Swiss mountains to French ocean views, it can all be seen right from your seat on a bus. Sound like a better view than the tray table in front of you? Thought so.


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4. It’s A More Affordable Option: 

As a study abroad student, budgets can be tight. It’s no secret that taking a bus will always be cheaper than flying. You also get the benefit of stopping at other destinations along the way. Taking a bus can also be cheaper than take a train, and you don’t have to deal with transport strikes.

Photo Source: .systemonetravelcards.co.uk

5. Making New Friends: 

There’s no better opportunity to meet new people than on a bus trip through Europe. Share the experience, laughs, and fun with the people around you. It’s easier to get up and walk around a bus to talk to people you don’t know.

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