Things to do in Croatia

Croatia is one of the ultimate adventure activity destinations in Europe. Get on board for a day in the sun on our very own private boat cruise, swim in the spectacular clear waters of the Blue Lagoon and marvel at the beauty of Maslinica Bay.

Get amoungst nature and spend an afternoon rafting down the enchanting emerald green Cetina River – or – for those looking for a little more of an adrenaline rush, take on 2100metres of Zip Lining through Croatia’s rugged natural beauty with stunning views.

Pre-book these activities now with an already built-in Bus2alps discount to guarantee your spot and make the most of your weekend in Croatia. In addition to the Island Cruise, Zip Lining and River Rafting, more Croatia activities for the Long Weekend* trip includes a day trip to Mostar, Bosnia, or Dubrovnik, Croatia!

white water rafting boat
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Croatia River Rafting Adventure

Experience an adventurous ride down Croatia’s natural beauty, the emerald green Cetina River. Duck through lush overgrown trees expanding over the river and find yourself in large scenic […]
Rafting on the Cetina River
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Croatia Zip Lining

Experience an adrenaline rush as you soar over Croatia’s stunning wilderness. Your views will include the breathtaking emerald green Cetina River winding through the valleys near Omiš, Croatia.
Private Island Cruise in Croatia
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Croatia Island Cruise

Spend the day cruising along Split's coastline on this private all day island cruise in Croatia. Visit the blue lagoon, enjoy a fresh cooked lunch and then head […]