Things That Make Rome Home

By Sienna Mohl

The Colosseum, the Forum, the Pantheon, the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain…All of the things that show up when you Google Rome. Each incredibly lovely, but that’s not my Rome.

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My Rome is little ancient streets that seem untouched, the sounds of light conversation and silverware brushing against plates, musicians on the bridge, the restaurant owners who know you by name, the neighbors you wave at when you leave your apartment, the meals that make you never want to check your phone.

Photo Source: David Lazaro

My Rome is sunrises that turn the whole city gold and the rooftop sunsets that make it hard to believe any moment could be better than the one you’re living in. But more than anything, it’s the people you spend your time with who love it all just as much as you do.

This is home.

What makes Rome home is the way it makes you feel about yourself – living somewhere spectacular is humbling. It makes you feel so small yet somehow equally spectacular.It makes you feel like you can do anything, something that very few places can do. It makes you spontaneous.

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Something happens somewhere along the way where you just realize life is too short to miss out on and what a gift it is that Rome can do that to you.

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It turns into a home because you start to realize you feel the most like yourself than you have ever felt; it’s a lace that has stayed the same for so long – literally centuries – you feel the magic on every corner. It’s a place that’s almost impossible to explain, but you will know when you go.

Rome is always right there for you; that’s why it’s called the Eternal City. No matter how far you stray from it, no matter how long you go without paying a visit, the second you return it’s familiar, nothing has changed and you are home.



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