3 Reasons To Hit The Ropes At Outdoor Interlaken’s Adventure Park

By now you’ve heard that Interlaken is the capital of adventure, but not all adventures require you to be a full-fledged daredevil. Outdoor Interlaken’s Adventure Park has more than 120 different challenges across nine courses of varying difficulties and heights. Whether you’re after a relaxing day to enjoy Switzerland’s natural beauty or a good workout after indulging in sinful Swiss chocolate, we’re breaking down the top three reasons to hit the ropes during your afternoon in Interlaken:

ropes course interlaken

It’s completely customizable:

The Outdoor Interlaken instructors will give you the low down on the equipment and you’ll have to complete a quick training course before getting started. Nine different courses mean that you don’t have to be Spiderman to have a good time here. Take your time, and choose one of the lower level courses to absorb the great weather and incredible views. If you’re down for a challenge, go up a level. Curate your day to fit your mood and your activity level as you work your way up through the park.

It’s a great workout, if you’re after one:

No surprise here, but if an exhilarating physical challenge is what you’re looking for, then the ropes course is more than happy to oblige! Utilizing your arms and legs to climb and your core to keep your balance, these ropes won’t give you a bit of slack! If you’re up for a good workout, then I recommend jumping right into one of the higher levels. Really looking for a challenge?  Try one of the black courses!

It’s more than just a ropes course:

You’ve been out here all day, you’ve had an amazing time with your friends, but you aren’t quite ready to leave just yet, are you?  Look around you! The hills of Switzerland are famous for their beauty, and you’re starting to understand why. If you want to treat yourself and enjoy the scenery first hand, then I recommend you take the zipline for a little while!  This thrilling yet soothing ride the forest is the best way to re-energize after a long day at the ropes course.