You Can’t Leave The Amalfi Coast Without Trying…

Vini & Panini

The best Panini in all of Positano can be found at Vini & Panini. Whether you create your own masterpiece or order from one of the selected sandwiches from off the menu, there is no way to be disappointed.

PRO TIP: Post up with one of these bad boys on the beach for a drool-worthy Instagram post that all of your friends will rave over.


The home of Limoncello. You haven’t had limoncello until you’ve had it on the Amalfi Coast. Where lemon trees blossom in the late spring through summer making it the best time to visit. Saluté!

Caprese Salad

Now world famous, but Capri made it first.  Making the Caprese salad the obvious go-to lunch appetizer option for the table to share. Check please!

Le Terrazze

Casa Rigatoni

Gooey. Cheesy. Saucy. GODLINESS. If you are going to have a non-seafood dish while in Sorrento, this is the only option.  Thank you Leoni Rosso for being you and cheffing up this masterpiece.

Leoni Rosso in Sorrento

Seafood Pasta

If you’re a seafoodie, welcome to heaven. Being on the coast has more perks than just the view. The fresh seafood mixed with handmade Italian pasta combo is one that cannot be competed with.

Le Arcate in Capri

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