Winter Wonderland AKA Interlaken

By Meghan Milazzo

I never could imagine not having a winter season. The warm cozy fires and smell of burning oak makes me just wish it was already winter time. Think about wrapping yourself up in a comfy sweater curled up in a blanket in front of a fire after a long day exploring a beautiful winter wonderland frosted with snow. That’s what I’m all about.
One of my favorite places to enjoy the winter season in Europe is Interlaken, Switzerland. The scenic mountains makes you question…is this real life?
My love for Interlaken could be because of two things. One is the location. Interlaken is in a homey traditional Swiss village in the heart of the rugged Alps. The second reason is the wide range of activities to do once you’re there. You can have a relaxing scenic walk sipping on some of the best hot chocolate you’ve ever had in your life, or do a more extreme sport like hang gliding or sky diving. It’s a beautiful place where one day it could be the most action packed day of your life and the next day it could be a lazy day where your just a snow bum exploring everything the village has to offer. Interlaken has a little bit of something for everyone, and its not hard to find something to do. If your a foodie like me than the chocolate show is a must! Nothing is better than real Swiss chocolate. If you love the thought of your heart beating like crazy right before you jump off of an 85 meter platform into a canyon, than canyon jumping is probably the activity for you! Like the thought of walking through a winter wonderland and just taking in the scenery? Snow shoe trekking is calling your name. And if you just want to spend your weekend skiing down some of the most amazing slopes in the world, than Interlaken is definitely the place to be.
(Grace doing the Canyon jump)
So if you love the winter season as much as I do and you’re after a winter sports holiday or just want time to relax, you can’t find a more gorgeous place to do it than Interlaken.
Bus2alps is a student travel agency that offers winter and summer trips to Interlaken.  For more information on this tour, please click here.

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