Winter Breaks to Prague

By Heesham Hague

Have you ever wanted to visit Prague Castle or Wenceslas Square? How about steal a kiss with your sweetheart on the famous Charles Bridge? The capital of the
Czech Republic makes an enchanting city break for every type of tourist. Planning a trip during the winter season will help you ward off the winter blues—and spare you from the crowds and the summertime prices! Here are some ways you can save up for your trip to Prague this winter:

1) Establish a budget. Before you start booking, do some research on how much transportation, accommodation, food, and entertainment will cost in Prague. Based on your findings, set a target goal for how much you’ll need to save before you depart. You can immediately start saving money for your trip by finding ways to cut costs around the house. Consider switching your cable, internet, and energy provider to one that offers lower rates, and consider cancelling your landline altogether. Eat meals in and look for discounts on Groupon and other coupon sites when dining out. Make a vow to set aside a designated amount from your monthly paycheck to put toward your travel fund—or do it in smaller increments by putting aside just £2 or £5 a day. The money you save from implementing these changes will really add up over the next few months.

2) Unclutter your home. With the holidays just around the corner, now is a good time to clear your home of unwanted clutter while generating some extra funds for your trip. Trade in your outdated or unwanted electronics like mobiles, laptops, CDs, and DVDs through an online recycling program like, and set up an eBay account to get rid of your antiques, collectibles, and miscellaneous household items. Take your clothes and shoes to a local consignment store, and get rid of furniture by posting it on Craigslist.

3) Take advantage of credit card perks.  Check to see if your credit card offers cash-back on purchases or reward perks such as discounted airfare, hotel, or tour packages. If so, get a list of eligible retailers and start using your card when you shop there. Even a few small charges can help you rack up rewards. Just be sure you understand the terms and conditions of the rewards system and pay your balance off in full each month: you don’t want to get slammed with hefty interest fees before you jet off to Prague!

4) Look for deals before you book.  You’ll already have a slight advantage on price when you travel during the winter months, but you can maximise your savings by taking advantage of travel deals and discounts. Sign up to receive alerts from your favourite booking sites—Expedia, Hotwire, TravelSupermarket, TravelFox, etc.—so that you know when prices on flights drop. Once you actually get to Prague, you can ensure you come out of your holiday debt free by looking for free and cheap things to do around the city, choosing public transport over taxis, and asking the locals for advice on finding deals in the city.

Heshaam Hague is an avid traveler and has active interest in house music events around the world. You can visit his blog here 

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