Win a Free Spring Break in Europe!

Thanks for the Memories Spring Break Photo Contest
hosted by Bus2alps Ltd.

Redeem your spring break gone bad with a free one in Europe

Have you wasted away a spring break cleaning the gutters for your grandparents? Did you wake up facedown on the balcony of a hotel room not knowing what day it was or how you got there? Were you a roadie for a local pan flute band?

We’ve all had an embarrassing, disastrous or less than memorable Spring Break moment. Submit a picture showing your last spring break’s mishaps, failures, or lack of excitement to prove why you deserve a free European Spring Break and a chance to make some real memories.

Enter to win a Free Spring Break and to vote on the best, worst photo on the Bus2alps Fan Page.

Does this bring back any lucid memories of a spring break gone bad?

Photo submissions should clearly explain why you need a second chance at spring break. Bus2alps and the facebook community want you to get creative. It’s time to scour you old photos and own up to your less than memorable spring break moments so that you can redeem yourself in 2011.

Photos are to be uploaded to the contest application on the Bus2alps fan page.

There are no boundaries or criteria for photo submissions, as long as they adhere to accepted conduct for public photo uploads.

Prize Eligibility
Only one entry is allowed per contest
Contest Starts
November 24, 2010 @ 08:30 am (PST)
Contest Ends
December 23, 2010 @ 08:30 am (PST)
Enter now to win a free Spring Break in Europe!

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