Why The Ballenberg Tour Is The Most Relaxing Trip in Switzerland

There is so much that I could say about the surreal, unique beauty of the mountains that surround that town of Interlaken, and yet so little of it would do it justice. Existing in perfect contrast with the thrilling, heart-racing attractions that Outdoor Interlaken has to offer, the Ballenberg Tour gives you a chance to jump through the looking glass and explore the Swiss countryside’s irresistible charm.  

Truly a gem hidden behind the vast alpine ranges and thick forests of Switzerland, this one of a kind journey is bound to melt your heart and make you wonder why on earth you didn’t think to come here earlier.  If you think you need a chance to unwind from the city, then let me tell you why this trip may just be perfect for you.

Lake Brienz: Before arriving at the Ballenberg open-air museum – the trip’s main attraction – enjoy your relaxing train ride along Lake Brienz. If you read my post about the lake and waterfall tour, then you know I’m obsessed with this Swiss treasure. Glittering emerald green under the sunlight and surrounded by breathtaking hills and mountains, this astounding view will be a sight for sore eyes for anyone who’s been trapped between buildings. Just take a deep breath, relax, and see for yourself what makes Switzerland so magical.

Ballenberg Museum: Switzerland is a country deeply rooted in its centuries-old traditions, and the Ballenberg museum is the perfect place to discover it all.  Walk through the gardens of brilliant flowers that dye the hillsides pink, yellow and lavender, observe the craftsmen in their element making Swiss breads and cheeses known the world over, and finally, experience the region on a whole other level through the enchanting stories and fables from your local tour guide, which have been passed down generation to generation.

The beauty of the Bernese Highlands: If you’re in need of a perfect storybook get-away, or even just a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of your host city, then it’s impossible to go wrong when you’re surrounded by the legendary yet subtle beauty of the Bernese Highlands.  Take it from a fellow wanderlust traveler, your time here will be one that you won’t soon forget. So, join the legions of others who have fallen in love with the beautiful traditions and natural splendor of the Swiss countryside.

It’s extremely affordable: I feel like I need to mention this first and foremost to make sure you aren’t scared-off by the list price of 440 francs.  Yes, that is the price of the trip, but that’s the total that you and your group of up to 5 people pay, which’ll come out to be 88 francs per person.  88 francs for a private, day-long tour of some of the most breathtaking sights in Switzerland? You can’t afford to pass that up.