Where to Shop in Barcelona

By Jill Daddario

As you walk through the streets of Barcelona, it is easy to notice the unique colors and architecture of the Catalan city. The cities aesthetic extends to Barcelona’s style as well.  When you visit Barcelona be sure to visit some of the fun shops and step out of your fashion comfort zone and into some vibrant new patterns!


Desigual shops can easily be found throughout Barcelona’s most popular shopping streets, including Las Ramblas. In spanish, Desigual translates to different or irregular which describes this store’s atmosphere and attire perfectly.  From intricate decor to innovative and original clothing, Desigual has created an fascinating and fun shopping experience. Desigual is the perfect destination to find casual clothing to match a sunny day in the city, or trendy styles for the vibrant Barcelona nightlife!


Custo Barcelona is another store with it’s own character and originality. This store embodies the style of Barcelona. Custo Dalmau is the famous Spanish designer behind Custo Barcelona who is known for his use of colors and eccentric designs. Expect to pay top dollar for the superior quality clothes, even a basic t-shirt sells for €60.  During rebajas, major sales in Spain that happen seasonally, you can find items for as low as €20.  Custo Barcelona has several locations in Barcelona including Ave Diagonal and Las Ramblas.


Flamingos Gallery is a huge shared retail space where young designers are able to exhibit and sell designs they’ve created. The gallery is part of the Flamingos vintage Kilo stores, where customers pay a fixed priced based on the overall weight of the one-of-a-kind styles that they’ve found. Owner Daniel Martinez fills his 8 stores with unique clothing and also furniture and artwork. Explore the newest location in Barcelona at 68 Tallers Street and find the best fashion from yesterday and beyond!


Not all Barcelona fashion has to be expensive! Bershka provides young adventurous souls reasonably priced clothes. They market towards millennials who are interested in the latest trends, technology and social media.  You can find Bershka’s scattered all over Barcelona in central locations such as Passeig de Gràcia and Avinguda del Portal de l’Àngel, near Las Ramblas.


Stradivarius launched  in 1994 in Barcelona and has since opened shops in 62 countries worldwide. This is another affordable shopping option found throughout Barcelona. Stradivarius offers clothes with variability, you can find options to dress up and accessorize a going out outfit and simple basics for everyday ensembles.


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