Where To Get Ice Coffee in Florence

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After reading a particularly annoying post about what the author appreciates about America after living in Europe in which I am personally convinced the person hasn’t lived in Europe at all or perhaps in some dark bubble in the end of a troll’s lair. Half the stuff they mention you can find quite easily if you have something called GOOGLE. Well maybe everything except ‘American Holidays’ but come on, that’s the whole point of being abroad, to embrace the different, no?

Hence,  I was inspired to write this post since yes, ice coffee does exist in the continent of Europe. And guess what, you can even find it in Florence, Italy! Italians usually prefer a ‘caffe shakerato’ which consists of freshly made espresso, a bit of sugar, and lots of ice poured into a martini glass. It’s pretty fantastic so I recommend trying this out on a hot summer’s day, also don’t forget about another favorite, granita di caffe.

Back to ice coffee, I love it and usually make it at home {ice + coffee + milk = ice coffee} but if you have that caffeine need in the center of town, here are two places where you can find a little bit of ‘home’ on your Florentine journey.

  • Astor CafePiazza del Duomo 20, r. The truth is I usually avoid this place like the plague because it attracts foreign students at night which was fine back in 2005 when I myself studied abroad, but as we grow up so do our choices on nightlife locations! But, my dirty little secret is that I do sidle in from time to time to grab an ice coffee which is pretty good! They make it simple, with milk, without milk, add your own sugar or have them add syrups (I like mine bitter!) it’s not a bad choice and people actually get coffee memberships here which is a little over the top but hey — to each their own!
  • Arnold’s Coffee, Piazza Unità Italiana,15 ( an additional entrance on the road from the train station to the Duomo). This brand spanking new store from Milan – is basically the Italian ‘Starbucks.’ I happened to be walking by the other day and wandered in after seeing a sign boasting ‘The American Coffee Experience’. It was 95 degrees out so I thought, why the heck not and ordered myself an iced Americano with just a little bit of milk. They put in a cup meant for hot coffee (perhaps they are waiting for plastic ones?) but otherwise it was really really good. Lots of choice, friendly people working there, I liked it! Very surreal having  place like this in Florence!

Now it’s your turn! What other great places in Florence serve ice coffee?

For more great tips about Florence and living in Italy, read Georgette Jupe’s blog Girl In Florence.  You can also follow her on Twitter @ggnitaly84.

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