What to bring this spring

  1. Peanut butter
    The promised land of Nutella is full of many wonders, but peanut butter is sold only in teacup-sized portions for roughly the same price as four giant jars of Nutella. So if you’re craving some PB&J (or just some peanut butter fingers), bringing your own supply will be a lifesaver.

  2. Every layer of warm clothing you own
    Temperatures will start out chilly this semester, so don’t get caught without your favorite mittens and scarves and find yourself unable to join in on the snowball fight fun in Interlaken.

  3. Favorite shampoo
    While other countries may sell a variety of shampoos and conditioners, if you want to buy them before you’ve made much progress in learning another language, you might find yourself washing your hair with body lotion and spreading hand soap on your dry skin. Not that this has happened to me, but let’s just say some really key terms sometimes get lost in translation, and it’s nice to have a fallback plan with some good ol’ American shower amenities.

  4. Umbrella
    There’s not much that brings more joy to street vendors than an unexpected shower and the subsequent opportunity to chase you down the street yelling umbrella and poncho prices at you if you don’t already have your own. Don’t get caught unawares trying to fend off both the rain and the aggression it brings out in street vendors everywhere.

  5. Passport
    Because duh.

  6. Snow boots
    When you’re running off the side of a mountain to paraglide in the Alps, you’ll be glad you have a pair of insulated booties to help you keep your grip on the mountainside before soaring into the air.

  7. External charger
    There’s nothing worse than finding your iPhone/iPod/camera has died on a 12 hour bus ride or just before visiting the famous Prague Old Town Square for the first time. Throw an external charger in your bag and never worry about missing a chance to Snapchat all your friends at home every time you visit a new country.

  8. Kindle
    If you’re not in the mood for movie-watching while traveling, cozying up with a Kindle can make your ride feel downright homey. Get lost in a good book without the weight of, you know, an actual book, and the hours you spend in transit will fly by!

  9. Thick socks
    Speaking from personal experience, walking tours become a lot less enjoyable when you can’t feel your toes. Bring some cozy wool socks and your toes will stay toasty so you can focus on soaking in all that culture!

  10. Instagram account
    How would you even prove you saw the Acropolis, the Alps or the beaches of Southern France without the perfectly-filtered Insta to prove it?
    #nofilter #justkidding #everyfilter #jealous?

  11. Shower shoes
    Because you never quite know where your travels will lead you (or the state of your apartment shower…just saying), it’s always good to keep your feetsies in the clear of any suspect shower floors so you can stay footloose and fancy-free.

  12. Neck pillow
    Tempurpedic, inflatable (j/k definitely don’t do that), microbead-filled…the options go on and on! Or just bring your Pillow Pet and save yourself having to decide and get a fuzzy travel buddy in the bargain.

  13. Sunscreen
    Believe it or not, temperatures are going to warm up, and when you’re cruising the Mediterranean Sea, you’re going to want to come out of it without being burnt to a crisp.

  14. Water bottle with filter
    The pain of mornings after pub crawls can be infinitely lessened if you’re able to fill your water bottle up from the sink without fear.

  15. Sense of adventure
    Even with the incredibly fail-safe packing list provided, there’s always that small possibility that you’ll find yourself wishing you brought an extra rain jacket or a mosquito net to go over your bed (actually, definitely add that to your list), but ultimately, it’s not the things you bring that will make this the best semester of your life. That’s going to happen purely by embracing every amazing opportunity that comes your way over the next few months.

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