The Meaning of Wanderlust

The word “home” changes meaning completelyphoto-1444676632488-26a136c45b9b

Your heart forever lives in two places, and it’s something you’re incredibly proud of.

You’re constantly planning your next

A map brings feelings of excitement and wonder as you dream of where you’ll drift off to next.

You’ll re-analyze everything back home: movies, food,

Nothing seems to fully live up to the experiences you had abroad.

Your money is better spent on adventures, rather than you’ve been diagnosed with wanderlust, suddenly having the best clothes or gadgets seem insignificant. To you, looking up flights becomes an activity full of possibility.

You follow travel accounts on every social media

Following these accounts helps you cope with the reality of being back home, while giving you the hope that one day you’ll return. (A couple you’ve got to see: @bus2alps_travel and @blessedtobeabroad… Seriously, check them out!)

Your passport is your most valuable possession.fac516285aa8f58845c710bf042a5911

It’s like this little book full of untold secrets and cherished stories- something no one else understands, and you personally could never fully explain.

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