Week in review

With 400 students joining the Bus2alps team, everyone in Venice put on their masks and partied hard for Carnevale in the snow! And speaking of snow, students this past weekend got the special treat of czeching out Prague in the snow. The whimsical architecture and Prague castle made the city seem even more like a fairytale when it was covered in beautiful white stuff. 200 students joined us in Interlaken this past weekend as well, and clear blue skies for skydiving, skiing & snowboarding, canyon jumping, and walks by the lakes made for amazing photo opts.

This past week in Barcelona was filled with beer pong, techno, mountains and cava. Bashar N and Brendon L won the beer pong tournament this past Tuesday. The winners both received 50% off the weekend trip of their choice, a t-shirt, and a pitcher of beer from our friends at the George Payne. The party continued as the city celebrated the arrival of the Nervo twins at their concert Wednesday night at Bling. Those who recovered snapped some great pictures at Montserrat on Saturday for the Bus2alps day trip and ended their week on a high note, tasting cava at the Freixenet Winery.

The Bus2alps Florence team put on their beanies, ski goggles, and party pants for the Out Cold event at Astor last Wednesday night. With Irish coffee, hot cocoa & Baileys, and coffee with Kahlua, students gathered in the bar to escape the cold temps outside and warm up with some delicious booze drinks while getting pumped for Interlaken, Switzerland trips! Fee night sledding, free rentals, free canyon jumping, free skydiving, and 50% off a Bus2alps Interlaken trip were all given away that night.

In Rome, a group of students from different schools in the city gathered for a homemade Roman cuisine cooking class, organized by the Bus2alps team. 3 courses were prepared by everyone in the class from scratch with local, organic ingredients and a hilarious chef before of course, feasting on our creations. With snow still lingering around the city, the monuments and sites are truly spectacular. With Valentine’s Day coming up, the romantic Eternal City is gearing up for some apertivo specials and giveaways with the Bus2alps crew.

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