Wanderer’s Weekly Travel News (Week of March 15, 2021)

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Wanderer’s Weekly Travel News for the week of March 15th, 2021

European Travel News

“European Commission outlines plans for Green Pass for freedom of travel within bloc”

– via Euronews

The European Commission revealed today their proposal of the Digital Green Certificate to facilitate the safe movement throughout the EU during the pandemic.

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“EU Governments Push to Relax Ban on Travel From Rest of World”

– via Bloomberg
The governments are demanding that EU leaders discuss opening the borders at a summit later this month, utilizing the certficiate system that allows people to travel. 

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“How Soon Will Europe’s Major Tourist Destinations Reopen to Americans?”

– via Inside Hook

An update to date record of the status of major tourist destinations in Europe and if they have announced when American tourists will be allowed back. 

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Travel Trends News

“Where Will the Post-Pandemic Travel Boom Bring Travelers?”

– via TravelMarket Report
Where will travelers head when travel returns? Travel advisors predict when the European borders open, Europe is going to explode! 

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“Where can you travel safely once you’ve had the COVID-19 vaccine?”

-via National Geographic

Currently, 11 percent of the US population has been fully vaccinated, so where can you safely travel once you’ve received your full dose of the vaccine?

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“The surreal photos that show how Covid has changed travel”

-Via CNN

Take a look back at the past year of the pandemic in photos, and how things have changed in travel.

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COVID-19 Travel News

“Facing ‘crisis of century’, EU threatens ban on COVID vaccine exports to UK”

– via Reuters
The EU announced today that it was threatening to ban the further export of COVID-19 vaccines to Britain as EU countries face a third wave of cases. 

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“AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine’s Benefits Outweigh Risks, Says EU”

– via The Wall Street Journal
“The European Union’s top drug regulator said it is still firmly convinced that the benefits of AstraZeneca PLC’s Covid-19 vaccine outweigh the risks, after a string of nations in the bloc temporarily halted use of the shot over blood-clot concerns.”

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