Travel tip of the week – Travel like Robert Frost

Take the road less traveled, or shall I say visit the cities less traveled. Some great poet once wrote this, and it has been reproduced in every graduation speech and advice column you have ever heard or read. How could I resist not being cliche and adapting these same words to convey the importance of visiting the less traveled cities of Europe?

Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, London and Barcelona; the cities most people make top priority to visit when they come to Europe. There is a reason why everyone has seen them and recommends that you go as well. I agree that these are lovely (and really fun) cities, or everyone would not go there. But that is the problem. Everyone goes there.

I recommend, no, no, I challenge you to delve into the road less traveled (dang, I already went and used that line again). I can count on one hand the amount of people I know who have walked the Dunube River in Budapest, have sipped the mulled wines at Austria’s Christmas Markets or hopped across the Mediterranean Sea to ride camels in Morocco. In fact, most of my friends probably couldn’t even find these places on a map. This is why the obscure cities of Europe are so great! The chance to venture into uncharted, unphotographed territory. To be your only friend or family member to know what it is like to sit in a thermal bath house of Budapest or join the Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg.

Flights run frequently from JFK to Paris or London. But Budapest, she’s a little harder to get to. So, while I am certain that business or the travel bug bring you all back to Europe, but you may never chance the obscure destinations again. So my tip this week is to remember the words of that great American poet and use this amazing opportunity to take the road less traveled by – it will make all the difference.

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This blog entry was written by Tony Ubertaccio

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