Travel Tip of the Week – Plan Ahead!

This spring is going to be the best semester of your college career. But you already know this, right? Well one thing you may not realize is that it’s super beneficial for you to start planning ahead, especially when it comes to trips involving flights. If you know you want to go to Paris in February and Scotland in March, then you will save yourself some serious dough if you begin looking up flights well in advance. Prices for flights will only keep going up as the date draws nearer and nearer, so it’s in your wallet’s best interest to get on the ball now.

Get a calendar out in front of you, sharpen your pencil, and start thinking about where you really want to travel this semester. And use your resources! If you need help looking up flights, ask a Bus2alps rep…we’re always more than happy to help you out. Happy planning!

-Erin O’Connor

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