Travel Tip of the Week – Munich’s Fruhlingsfest

Get the fun of Oktoberfest at a fraction of the hassle by headed to Munich for their Springfest.

Dancing on tables, prosting steins of delicious beer, belting out joyous songs, and eating greasy meals is Munich’s namesake. The world over knows of the raucous that is Oktoberfest, an event that was only cemented in American pop culture by the wonderful movie, ‘Beerfest.’ While Munich is known for the 16-day mayhem of 6 million people toasting frothy glasses of goodness, only the lucky ones get to experience Munich’s miniature celebration for the coming of Spring, Fruhlingfest. Fruhlingsfest does not have the legacy of the fall festival, but has been slowly creeping up as the ideal way to enjoy Munich’s best traditions. At Oktoberfest you’re likely to find yourself clawing for accommodation already six months in advance, negotiating bloated airline prices, and waking up at 6am to pray for a chance to get into the top beer tents. Munich’s Springfest, however, allows all the same singing, dancing, and drinking without the hassle of waking up for the early morning commute. Imagine a beer festival in Munich where you can enjoy a bike tour and a beer in the English Garden, and leisurely stroll down to the festival grounds in the late afternoon for a night of singing, dancing, and prosting. Ah,¬†Fruhlingsfest.

Grab your Lederhose, your Drndels, stretch the vocal cords, warm up your beer drinking hands, and ring in the beautiful weather with hundreds of other people in Europe’s happiest City.

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