Travel Tip of the Week: Just do it!

So this week’s travel tip is a little bit different than usual. Bus2alps staff member Mike LaPorta was interviewed by Modern Travel Talk, a blog about student travel, about how he became involved with Bus2alps and what it is like working in the tourism industry. The last question, Mike was asked to give some of his advice for future travelers, which sums up to Nike’s slogan “Just do it.”

To read the entire interview with Mike, visit the website of Modern Travel Talk.

Without further delay, this week’s travel tip:

Modern Travel Talk: What is one piece of advice you would want all study abroad students to know?

Mike LaPorta: If you want to do something, go for it. You can always replace money but you can’t replace time. When I studied abroad, I didn’t go to Prague or Budapest because I missed the Bus2alps trips there, and did not want to spend $300 on flights to either. I spent my summer internship literally crushed I never went there and even more distraught when I realized that it would cost me $1,000 just to fly back to Europe. Most of all don’t plan your travels solely around your friends. The best trips can be the ones you go alone. If anything, you can join Bus2alps and meet tons of new people you never would have had the chance otherwise.

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