Travel Tip of the Week – Holiday Sales

Spread a little holiday cheer to yourself with holiday sales that matter to you!

Tis the season for love, giving, hot wine, and spending lots of money on other people. It is the consumer rush, always marked by the dozens of holiday specific television commercials sporting their newest sale. Seriously, a 5-note tune would make you realize that your gift this year is a Lexus? And even if it does, how the hell do you hide a $50,000 car from your spouse.

We’re into realistic holiday sales, sales that put you in the seat of your great travel experiences while studying abroad. Cue up the Bus2alps December Discount Days jingle. Why do you want to travel so much while you study abroad. If you did not read yesterday’s article about the tangible reasons you should travel as much as possible while studying abroad, then you would understand the value of locking up a Bus2alps trip for as low as 50 euro.

You better watch out Lexus’ December to Remember, you better not pout Happy Hondadays, and you better not cry cute girl singing in the Hyundai commercial. Bus2alps’ biggest sale of the year is coming to town. We don’t need cheap gimmicks or jingles, just discounts for you. Ok this is a lie, we did take a photo with our bus wrapped like a present, but come on that is funny!

What was on the top of your holiday wish list? Of course it was cheap travel with Europe’s top student travel agency, Bus2alps.

Visit our event to stay updated on how you can join the cheer.

Bus2alps is busting down doors starting Wednesday at 12pm Eastern US Time for our massive 3 day Holiday Sale. Get your seat to Europe’s top destinations for as low as 50 euro, 75 euro, 100 euro and 150 euro. Discounts on trips include but are not limited to Interlaken, Munich Springfest, Amalfi Coast, Prague, Spring Breaks, and many more.

For as low as 50 euro you can adventure the Swiss Alps, prost a stein at Munich’s Springfest, join the Toga party in Greece, lay on the beach in Amalfi, and much more.

Spread the word, organize your travel dates with your friends, and enjoy Bus2alps holiday gift to you.

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