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Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed or Lost in Europe

Europe is a wonderland – some study abroad students see it as one massive playground and they’re ready for the thrills. You can travel to tons of different places, experience old cultural traditions and taste new dishes, all while learning a lot about yourself along the way.

The opportunity to travel this much at such a ripe age is absolutely incredible. Don’t let it get tainted by getting scammed or lost in a foreign city. It just might ruin your time there.

There are a number of things you can do to be overly prepared and cautious in your travels:

– Keep your hostel address and phone number on you at all times.
– Make sure you have enough credit on your phone before leaving your home city.
– Carry cash in multiple places on your body and belongings – not just one pocket.
– Make copies of your passport and credit cards.
– Listen to your gut in uncomfortable situations.

These are all important precautions to take, but one thing that can ensure your safety is traveling with experienced guides and in groups.

Mom might be hesitant on giving the thumbs up for a Morocco trip, but you can reassure her that you’re going to be in a group the whole time with experienced Bus2alps leaders and local Moroccan guides. They will look out for you and take you to the safest, best places… That will go a long way!

Come to Morocco, Budapest, Greece, Krakow, and any other major European city with Bus2alps and know that you will always have someone looking out for you, leading you to the local gems, staying out of the bad areas, and being available 24/7 in case something happens.

So tie up those laces and hit the playground, all of Europe awaits.

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