9 Travel Snapchat Accounts to Follow

By Grace Woodrow

  1. Drew Binsky @drewbinsky


Currently in: Philippines

The 20-something University of Wisconsin-Madison Alumni studied abroad in Prague back in 2012. After graduation, Drew left home for Seoul, South Korea, where he taught English for 18 months. During that time he traveled to 19 different countries and started his blog and social media following. Today Drew has visited 74 countries and you can follow his travels along with his other 42K followers on Snapchat.

Follow his blog – The Hungry Partier

  1. Edna Zhou @expatedna


Currently in: Taipei

The Pennsylvania native left home at 18 to work her way around the world. Over the past eight years she’s lived and worked in Paris, Italy, Singapore, and China while traveling to up to 20 countries a year. But she’s not quite done yet; she has a bit to still cross off her bucket list:

  • Take a tango class in Argentina
  • Live in Iceland for six months or so
  • Step onto a ledge of dizzying heights in Norway

Follow her on Snapchat to see when she crosses these off her bucket list!

Follow her blog – Expat Edna

  1. Matt Karsten @expertvagabond


Currently in: New York

This expert vagabond has been traveling for the last 5 years because he’s “curious about our planet. [He] wants to take risks, meet interesting people, challenge [himself], see amazing things, explore the world, and learn as much as one can. Not to mention have a bit of fun along the way!” You can follow the expert vagabond’s journey through Snapchat to see his next big adventure!

Follow his blog – Expert Vagabond

  1. Kiersten Rich @theblondeabroad


Currently in: Mexico

A girl from California, who, not too long ago, left her career in corporate finance to become a world traveler. Since then, she’s traveled to over 50 countries and knocked some big adventures off her bucket list. Her Snapchat will bring you around the world through beautiful beaches, high mountains, big cities and more.

Follow her blog – The Blonde Abroad

  1. Ryan Gargiulo @p4use


Currently in: Playa del Carmen

Ryan is a location independent blogger, freelancer, and world traveler with a passion for adventure. In May of 2010, he kicked his 9 to 5 to the curb to take a six month trip around the world. Six years later, and he’s still on the road. Ryan lives life to the fullest, all day, everyday, and you can watch him do so on his Snapchat! You can expect to see gorgeous views and lots of handstands.

Follow his blog – Pause The Moment

  1. Trey Ratcliff @treyratcliff


Currently in: New Zealand

Trey, a professional photographer, has won over a dozen awards for storytelling. It should come as no surprise that you’d find his name on the list of top travel snapchat accounts to follow. Though he is blind in one eye, Trey has a unique way of viewing the world and capturing its beauty through his lense.

Follow his blog (the #1 travel photography blog on the web) – Stuck In Customs

  1. Mark Wiens @migrationology


Currently in: Bangkok

The reason Mark travels — FOOD.

Mark wasn’t ready to get a job and stay put, so he caught a one way ticket to Bangkok, with no plans other than to eat as much as he could. Today he shares his meals through his social media platforms.

What you can expect to see and drool over on his snapchat-

  1. Hainanese Nyonya Food in Penang and Amazing Fish Curry
  2. Beach Road Scissor Cut Hainanese Curry Rice in Singapore
  3. Gourmet Chicken Nuggets in Japan

Follow his blog – Migrationology

  1. Hannah & Adam @gettingstamped


Currently in: Mexico

You can find this ambitious traveling couple currently on a round-the-world trip “getting stamped.” They’ve crossed off 62 countries on their travels since June 2013. They had the “American Dream:” got married, owned a house, had great corporate jobs, lived very comfortably, but something was still wrong. They realized “it’s now or never,” packed their bags and headed out on an epic trip of a lifetime!

Follow their blog – Getting Stamped

  1. Bus2alps @bus2alps


Currently in: Rome, Florence, Interlaken, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Paris & Prague

Of course we had to put ourselves on the list! Our team snaps daily across the best cities around Europe. You can catch us this summer taking over the Amalfi Coast, exploring the 5 beautiful beach towns of Cinque Terre, chasing waterfalls in Croatia, living like the rich and famous in the French Riviera, hanging in the Budapest thermal baths and more!

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