Travel Advice for Flo-Town Peeps – Recommended Places to Visit this Summer!

Summertime travel is simple. There’s less to pack, everything is open, people are happy, and the sun is (usually) shining. Trying to decide where to travel – especially with so many options so close and easy to get to, is difficult. Take it from an experienced traveler; go with your gut feeling. Go where you’re drawn to and don’t second guess your decisions. Feel like the Swiss Alps would fit you like a glove? You’re probably right. Rather just hang on the beach all day? Positano on the Amalfi Coast is calling your name. But if you’re bad at decisions, Bus2alps may be able to help you out a bit. Let’s look at the options of getting you out of Flo-town: There’s almost too many to mention, but for an ideal travel schedule – hitting all of the main points, this is a list of a few suggestions to get your mind reeling about the possibilities:

Amalfi: Some of the bluest water you’ve ever seen, black sand beaches that make your skin glow with the summer sun, towns built up on breathtaking cliffs painted with beautiful pastels, and seafood that is out of this world. Welcome to the Amalfi Coast. Bus2alps has you staying in beautiful Sorrento, and then transports you to the Isle of Capri, Positano, and stops in Pompeii on the way home. A perfect mix of touring, beach time, and historical sites – there’s a reason why this tour has won awards in the past. Go cliff jumping, browse the coral jewelry, sip on limoncello on the rooftop terrace of Seven Hostel, and enjoy a weekend in paradise.

Rome: Though Florence is gorgeous, the Eternal city is just a few hours south and well worth the journey. Head to Rome and explore the sights you’ve had in your history books for ages. Walk through the Coliseum and picture the Gladiators, picture the war celebrations parading through the Forum, throw that coin over your shoulder at the Trevi fountain, and end the day with a look up at the ceiling of the Pantheon. Then head out to explore the illuminated city – Vatican, the Spanish steps, and check out a few of Bus2alps’s favorite restaurants and nightlife spots along the way. It’s a weekend roaming Rome and well worth it.

French Riviera: Spend a weekend pretending to be famous (or maybe even taste a little bit of real fame) while strolling the French Riviera with the likes of Beyonce, Keith Urban, Jennifer Aniston, and the Kardashians. Head to Wayne’s Bar and dance above the crowd, and maybe even find someone with a yacht that’s feeling generous enough for guests (no, but really, it’s happened). During the day, travel to Eze, Monaco and Antibes, hit up the Monte Carlo Casino and try your luck. This place will require a little shopping, but that’s the perfect excuse to get a nice Italian suit or a new pair of heels, right? Plus, needless to say, the beaches are gorgeous.

Munich: Though Springfest may be over, Munich is still bustling with life in the summer when the snow has cleared and the people are out in the streets. Take a bike tour and learn a little history – you can even have a sobering visit to Dachau, the local concentration camp and remember how recent history really is. Then spend the night meeting the locals in the beer halls and gardens all while making sure you get in that taste of perfect brews and the biggest bratwurst you’ll ever see.

Croatia: Picture it: you get off the bus and begin your walk through a rainforest – the roots of the trees are tangled above crystal clear water swimming with fish swimming against the current. You’re walking on wooden paths twisting and turning among the vines. Waterfalls can be heard in the distance. On your left and right, meadows flourish with little purple flowers – a carpet of sweet scented beauty and finally, you round a bend and see the most beautiful tumult of waterfalls with a pool at the bottom of emerald water. The swimming is gorgeous. This is just the last day of your time in Croatia. Before this, you’ve been whitewater rafting and island hopping off the coast of Split. Yes, it is a little bit longer of a bus ride, but the beauty is worth it.

Prague: Spend a weekend in the city of fairy tales  Watch the clock tower, riddled with myths and legends, come to life on the hour and ring out over beautiful architecture and the river below. Then, visit the “happily ever after” John Lennon wall – where words and art depicting peace and love will make your cameras glow and your hearts grow two sizes bigger, plus you can leave your own mark. Remember to bring a sharpie! At night after a day of beauty, meet up with your group to head out onto town and maybe even finish at one of Bus2alps’s favorites – Lucerna a club that plays the best of the best 90’s music.

Cinque Terre: Only a two hour drive from Florence, Cinque Terre is a gorgeous one-day getaway that is good for those that want some time in Florence for the weekend, but still go to somewhere beautiful on the coast. Spend the day hiking between towns, or sun bathing on the cliffs or on the beach in Monterosso. Eat tons of pesto-covered things like focaccia bread and pizza. Get a pina colada and use your photography skills for the brightly colored towns precariously perched on the cliffs. It’s a day getaway to get out of the stone of Florence, and you’ll be back to go out that night!

These are just a few places that we’d recommend for the summer – of course there are many more that may peak your interest, but now is the time to plan! Get moving.


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