Top 8 Slang Words and Phrases Used Across Europe

So you’re headed to Europe with your dictionary in hand, but there are a few words they may have left out. Before you arrive abroad, make sure to review our list of the top eight slang words that are used across Europe! And if anything we say here inspires you to travel through Europe with Bus2alps, take a look through our excellent ranges of Escape to Europe Trips and Study Abroad Student Travel Tours.

Slang Words in SPAIN

Most likely you! A Guiri is like the Mexican word “gringo” and is used to describe foreigners. Hear this word a lot and it might be a sign that you aren’t exactly blending in.


You’ll hear this word every single day in Spain, sometimes in every sentence. It means “OK.” Some Spaniards toss this word in between every breath and even say it several times in a row.

Slang Words in FRANCE

BG stands for beau gosse, which means hot guy. But be carefull! Gosse is its own slang for a child, so don’t go talking about fooling around with any of them.

Literally, balle means bullet. It used to be slang for francs, but when the Euro was introduced, the term came along with it.


Slang Words in ITALY

Stop right there! Enough! Use it to end an order at a restaurant, or to repel a relentless selfie stick or dancing cat salesman! Unless of course, you want one, because you gotta admit he’s kinda cute.


After a few days in Italy, you’ll hear prego being said so much you’ll be pretty confident that it could mean just about anything. It directly means, “you’re welcome”, but the word is also commonly used prematurely to let someone know that it is their turn to be served.


Slang Words in GREAT BRITAIN


Those silly Brits aren’t paying in seafood; a quid is another term for a pound. The term is derived from the Latin phrase “quid pro quo”, meaning “one thing in return for another.”


Pavement Pizza

Don’t mistake this euphemism, which means puke or vomit, for a late-night snack!


There are, of course, hundreds (or even thousands) of more slang words used across Europe. This post is just the tip of the iceberg. How many European slang words do you know? Are you ready to get out on an adventure while talking to the locals? If you have any questions about our student tours and trips, please feel free to get in touch! Your big study abroad adventure with Bus2alps could be only a few clicks away!


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