5 Tips for a Successful Travel Semester

You’re all embarking on your semester in Europe and rumor has it Europe is an extremely easy place to get around. Maybe you have heard the same and chose to study abroad in Europe for this exact reason. Here are some travel tips we at Bus2alps use when studying or traveling abroad that will help you to better take advantage of cheap and easy ways to explore your new backyard.

1) Book early – Many airlines, tour companies, and trains release ridiculously cheap fares months in advance. If you plan ahead you can reap the benefits of cheaper deals. In addition, many tours, flights, and trains fill up quickly, especially on popular weekends like Oktoberfest. Don’t live vicariously through your friend’s photos of Prague- get out there and take your own!

2) Go where you want – As a social society, it is natural to want to be with a group of your close friends. However, not all your friends or roommates are interested in traveling to the same places or on the same dates as you. Don’t let this deter you from going to a destination you truly desire! If the idea of navigating Europe solo freaks you out, join a group tour. Venturing out on your own gives you the opportunity to meet friends you may never have met otherwise, while sharing the beauty of the French Riviera or Paris.

3) Always travel with your original passport – If you have left your study abroad country yet, you have realized the sad truth that since the European Union became so friendly, the days of stacking up stamps in your passport are over. That being said, you still ALWAYS need your original passport for border crossings. Do not get stuck at the border because you thought a copy would suffice.

4) Get outside the norm – Surely Europe has the definitive destinations you must visit while here. How could four months in Europe be complete without visiting at least one or two of its major cities, like Paris, Amsterdam, London, or Barcelona? Of course you should check these out, but keep in mind the less visited destinations like Budapest or Croatia, which offer incredible experiences at a fraction of the cost.

5) Money, money, money – Whether your budget is big or small, keep in mind that you are already in Europe; the most expensive part of the trip, the flight from the United States, has already been covered. As your time abroad winds down, you may be crunched for cash. Don’t let this deter you from checking out one or two more destinations you truly want to visit! You may not think you have that extra 200 euro to spend now, but keep in mind it will cost you over $1,000 to fly back at a future date. Take advantage of exploring Europe while you’re here!

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