The Definitive Ranking of the Best Panini Shops in Florence

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about a good sandwich, it’s this girl right here. I firmly believe that the best meal of the day is a good lunch with friends and so having lived in Florence for quite some time now, I took it upon myself to investigate and then share my findings regarding the definitive ranking of the best panini shops in Florence. It wasn’t an easy task, but someone had to do it and I really do love a challenge. So sit back, relax, and read on about the culinary genius behind the panino makers of Firenze.

5. Antico Noe

Antico Noe is unique in that it’s paninos are made on baguettes – a refreshing change of pace in the land of focaccia. Priced from around 4-5 euros, their menu offers a wide range of different sandwiches to choose from. You also cannot visit Noe without adding their Rose sauce to your sandwich – a slightly spicy red sauce that gives just the right amount of kick.


Reccommended: # 9 Turkey, Brie (if you’re not a brie fan, sub for pecorino), Grilled Onions & Rose

4. The Oil Shoppe

A lunch spot which is super popular among students, the Oil Shoppe offers up a long list of sandwiches for under five euros each. These sandwiches are huge and are sure to keep you satisfied for your afternoon classes. My reccommendation below isn’t exactly a typical italian panino, so if you want something a bit more traditional there’s plenty to choose from, just make sure you try their walnut sauce – it’s amazing. For just a euro fifty more, you can add a water and french fries to your order. The place isn’t huge, so grab your panino and head somewhere outside to sit, but don’t forget to sign the guest book before you leave. BONUS: They have iced coffee 🙂


Recommended: #25: Meatballs in tomato sauce, grilled peppers & onions, parmesan cheese


  1. Gusta Panino

Just down the street from it’s pizza counterpart (a whole different blog post entirely, to which my mouth is already watering) and situated right in Piazza Santo Spirito is the quaint little shop, Gusta Panino. With several different bread options and the freshest ingredients, it’s a lesser known panino shop that’s definitely worth the visit.


Reccommended: Wholemeal bread, turkey, mozzarella, pesto & artichoke spread

2. All’Antico Vinaio

Another “hole in the wall” shop located on Via Dei Neri, just by the beautiful Piazza Signoria is the legendary All’Antico Vinaio. This place is talked up in tour books, and many travel to Florence already having knowledge of it’s greatness. You will most definitely wait in a line curving out the door and down the street if you wait until noon to pay a visit. Your wait will be rewarded though, with a sandwich the size of your face and a glass of self service chianti classico all for 7 euros. A unique quirk of Vinaio is that they “DO NOT HAVE PESTO” as a slightly aggravated hand written sign informs customers. Not to worry, though – try their tartufo (truffle) spread on your sandwich and you will forget that you ever even liked pesto. Once you’ve paid, you can sit on one of the little stools outside or across the street from the infamous panino shop.


Recommended: Porchetta, tomatoes, artichoke spread, zucchini, eggplant rucola & oil

1. Pino’s Sandwiches (Salumeria Verdi)

My first week that I studied abroad, I was truly #blessed to literally stumble off of the street and into Pino’s shop. I cannot believe no one told me about this place prior to coming abroad, but maybe finding it on my own was simply fate. Not only is it truly the best sandwich I have ever eaten in my life, but the staff alone would keep you coming back day after day. The owner, Pino is there every day that the shop is open and it’s rare that he is the one not making your sandwich – and doing it with a smile. You can essentially purchase a piece of heaven for just 3.50 euros – run, don’t walk.


Recommended: Spicy salami, eggplant, spinach, tomatoes, smoked mozzarella, mushroom and truffle sauce

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