The best weekend of my life – London

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Well, a lot of things happened this weekend in London but most importantly…. I FELL IN LOVE. I fell head over heels in love withthe city of London and I seriously love everything about it. I cannot wait to go back… and I will go back. I learned to ride the tube everywhere, drank some incredible tea, saw the sights & had the time of my life!

I must say that I am so glad that Nicole & I decided to use bus2alps for our trip to London because I seriously cannot imaginehow we would have planned the trip & figured everything out on our own! For anyone studying abroad, I definitely recommend Bus2Alps because it lets you enjoy your vacation & not have to spend time trying to find things or figure things out in a random city & they have pretty cool hook-ups too! We got tickets for a cheap pub crawl (10 pounds) and 2 tours included in our trip! (check them out: Lauren (our bus2alps leader) was such a great help throughout the whole weekend and she even taught Nicole & me how to ride the tube.

The tube was kind of confusing at first but we finally got it & now I kind of wish we had a metro system back home!

I don’t even know where to start. I guess at the beginning… (I’m sorry in advance for what I know will be a LONG blog!)

I was blessed with some great travel buddies – Nicole & Devan. It took 2 buses, a plane & lots of walking to get to our hostel but everything went smoothly and it couldn’t have gone better. We got checked in at the hostel & with our bus2alps leader & headedup to our room. None of us had ever stayed in a hostel before so at first we were slightly in shock when we walked into a room with 4 bunk beds, cages under the beds for belongings, and 2 adult men sleeping in bunks. We laughed it off and went out exploring & in the morning we met all of our roommates – they were really cool! The 2 adult guys were from Chili but live in Spain and are spending a few weeks traveling Europe. 3 guys were our age and from the states & are studying in Spain & Ireland (jealous!).

Friday started with a tour of the main tourist attractions in London including Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Hyde Park Corner, & The Houses of Parliament. The tour ended and our group headed to a traditional English pub called “The Old Monk” where we got fish & chips, burgers & some English beer!

Friday night, our group all bought tickets for a pub crawl for 10 pounds! The pub crawl included entry to 4 bars, drink specials, afree white shirt & marker (everyone wrote all over each other all night!) & entry into a really cool club in London, Zoo Bar! Halfway through some of us took a break & went to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner in Chinatown! At the club, Nicole & requested Levels to the DJ and at first he tried to tell us no but he gave in & played it & the entire club went so crazy that they played 3 different versions of the song in a row!

Saturday began with a trip to Portobello Market in West London. Its on of the most famous street markets in the world & goes straight through Notting Hill (made famous by the movie). The market included everything: antiques, fashion, food & souvenirs.

After the market, Nicole & I headed off to St. John’s Wood where the famous Abbey Road is. We took some pictures in the crosswalk, explored the town, & ate lunch outside at Duke of York.

After lunch, we met up with our tour guide for a Harry Potter London walking tour where we got to see a lot of the inspiration for the movie as well as some filming locations!

Inspiration to Diagon Alley.

Had to stop for baklava.

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