The Best Coffee Shops Near LDM In Florence

By: Courtney “Coco” Martere

During your study abroad semester, you’ll most likely be spending more time at the local coffee shops than in class buildings. The beauty of studying in Florence is that the entire city becomes your open-air classroom, a real-life history book, and a personal workspace. In place of a standard campus, Lorenzo de’ Medici students are blessed with several class buildings spread across the city center, meaning dozens of locations have the potential to transform into a student’s makeshift library. Take it from an LDM alum, the key to a successful semester abroad is two-fold:

  1. Strong WiFi.
  2. A lot of espresso.

No one said that “studying” while abroad couldn’t be fun. If you have to write a research paper about the palaces of Florence, it might as well be with a delicious cappuccino in hand and an Italian barista closeby. Whether you’re in need of a morning kickstart or a long-term workspace, these cafes will provide all the caffeine, Internet and hospitality necessary to complete that work you pretended not to have over the weekend.

La Ménagère (Via de Ginori 8)

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Located in between the LDM buildings on Via Faenza and Via de Pucci, La Ménagère is the perfect spot for a mid-day coffee break or afternoon study session. The natural light and floral decor make for an ideal backdrop to practice your Italian or study up on wine production. To top it all off, it’s one of the only places in Florence you’ll find avocado toast!

Freddy’s aka Antica Sosta degli Aldobrandini (Via Faenza 1)

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This small, indoor/outdoor cafe sits on the corner, conveniently between another two class buildings, Giglio and Faenza. In the morning, grab an espresso and delicious croissant to go. Or be one with the locals during your class break and get to work while enjoying the fresh Fiorentine air.

Cafe Ricasoli (Via de Pucci 8)

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A few doors down from the Pucci class building, you’ll find everything you need to get your study on: (arguably) some of the best coffee in town, an impressive pastry selection and, most importantly, reliable WiFi. This breakfast hotstop needs to be on every LDM students’ radar.

Rooster Firenze (Via Porto Rosso 63/r)


After learning some new Italian words, you can practice those language skills at Rooster. Right behind Piazza Strozzi is this spacious lunch spot where you can grub out then buckle down on assignments. Whether you stay for a meal or half the day, the friendly staff (and maybe a mimosa or two?) is sure to help ease the stresses of studying.

While it’s all too easy to do work in the comfort of your own apartment, get to know the city you’re studying in by taking advantage of all the study spaces outside the classroom.

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