The 25 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Greece: Athens, Santorini and Corfu

We’re going island hopping, and along the way, we’re taking out our phones and cameras to document our trip. Our mission? Grab the most jaw-dropping shots to share on Instagram, because pics or it didn’t happen, right?


In Athens, there’s sights to see around every corner. The ancient ruins are mixed in a rich, modern city, decked out in graffiti murals. The city truly shines through the lens.

1. Hadrian’s Arch


Likely built to celebrate the arrival of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, it stands today as the perfect frame for a selfie.

ALL The Ruins

No trip to Ancient Greece would be complete without all of the different unique ruins you find along the way!

2. The Temple of Zeus

3. The Parthenon

4. Erechtheion Temple


5. The Odeon of Herodes Atticus

6. Olympic Sports Complex (modern)


Recreate an ice skating pose or simply marvel at the cool buildings left over from the 2004 Athens Olympics.

7. Street art around Plaka, Monastiraki

How meta: an instagram photo of a real photo. We love this idea to capture your study abroad memories both IRL and online!

8. Rooftop view of The Acropolis during sunset at our accommodation!


9. The National Gardens


38 acres of sheer nature in the heart of Athens, The National Garden was commissioned by the first Queen of modern Greece, Amalia. Stroll through and marvel at the palm trees, monuments, and ponds.

10. Monastiraki square


A flea market neighborhood in Athens, it’s home to a bustling crowd looking for deals in the nearby stores, but a beautiful photo opportunity for people watching!


11. You’re on a boat, cruising through the Aegean Sea – grab all the shots of those views


12. The Blue Domes in Oia

13. The Red Beach


14. The Black Beach


15. The Three Bells of Fira (Thira) The Catholic Church of Koimisi Tis Theotokou


Famed for its three bells and blue dome, the Catholic Church of Koimisi Tis Theotokou has incredible views.

16. Skaros Rock


Created through volcanic activity, Skaros was once fortified to serve as a fortress to help protect the island.

17. A sunset pic in Oia or Fira

18. Poolside at our Accommodations!


19. On an ATV

20. From One of the Vista Points on the ATV Tour

21. Relaxing by the Sea

22. In a Pink Toga in Front of a Pink Wall

23. On the Kayak Tour

24. Corfu tour: Paleokastritsa and Lakones Villages


25. On The Party Boat

Ready to island hop through ancient ruins to modern day sunsets? Greece is waiting for you!

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