The 10 Most Instagramable Photo Op Spots at Oktoberfest

You’re heading to Oktoberfest. Prost! Here’s how to properly document your trip in travel blogger style. Your instagram feed will rival that of your favorite influencers after snapping photos at these stunning spots.

1. Under the Welcome Sign!

Right as you arrive, and before any steins are had, snap a photo under the welcome sign. The crowds are thick, but it will be great to have a before photo to compare to your after photos at the end of the night! Plus, no caption needed under a sign blasting exactly where in the world you are at the moment!

2. Hacker Festzelt Tent

Instantly recognizable, the Hacker Festzelt Tent is all blue skies, clouds, and stars that hang from the dreamy ceiling. In the morning or mid-day, it’s the perfect lighting for a quintessential Oktoberfest photoshoot.

3. In front of the Ferris Wheel

A symbol of Oktoberfest, Willenborg’s Ferris Wheel is perfect night or day for  the ‘gram. During the day, avoid portrait mode so you can see the Ferris Wheel in all of its glory in your background. At night, opt for portrait so the colors blur into a wistful backdrop.

4. In front of a Wall of Gingerbread Hearts

Stalls all along the walkways in Theresenwiese sell Gingerbread Hearts, decorated with colorful icing and cute phrases like, “Ich liebe dich” which means I love you in German. Stop in front of one of these stalls and grab a photo before you buy one to wear around your neck for the rest of the day! It’s a snack on the go and a fashion statement.

5.  On the Swing Carousel

Grab your selfie stick and a bestie and hop on the swing carousel. Take a photo of yourself or look back and grab one of those behind you as you fly through midair decked out in your best dirndls and lederhosen.

6. The Marstall Festzelt Tent

Heart shaped windows say it all, so this tent is prime for photos both outside and inside. Grab a photo from the front, then venture inside to see a red & yellow draped ceiling and a music carousel in the middle, complete with horses. Can you say whimsical?

7. The Flower Balcony at Schutzen Festzelt Tent

A view of all of Oktoberfest complete with floral bouquets? What more could you ask for. A bird’s eye view will definitely make for a ‘grammable photoshoot.

8. The Hofbrau Festzelt Tent

For those of you less into flowers, this tent is draped with hop vines. You’re here for the beer and these photos show you know what beer is all about.

9. Anywhere with a Pretzel and a Stein

It doesn’t matter what tent you’re in if you’ve got a pretzel in one hand and a stein in the other. Prost with your bestie, then snap away.

10. Under the sign again—this time Auf Wiedersehen

It’s time to call it a day, and time for that “after photo.”  The same Willkommen Zum Oktoberfest sign reads Auf Wiedersehen on the opposite side so you can take a photo on your way out.

Where are your favorite photo ops at Oktoberfest? Let us know below!

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