Taverna Hoffman is Playing Tricks on Your Tastebuds

By Lola Mendez

Unusual gastronomy experiences have been gaining popularity recently, from the water cake unleashed in New York City to the tried and true dining in the dark. Taverna Hoffman is no stranger to the foodie crowd, being rated as one of the top choices in Barcelona for the finest nouvelle Catalan cuisine and at reasonable prices no less. They can attribute their sudden spike in popularity on Instagram thanks to their sweet treats of foods disguised as other foods.

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The unique concoctions entice all five senses and leave them completely confused, yet delighted. The most Instagram-worthy confection is simply called, Egg. It looks convincingly like the common poultry egg and once cracked open it oozes white and yellow. The twist is that the shell is chocolate and the egg itself boasts decadent coconut mousse for the whites and roasted mango for the yolk. At €8 it’s a special way to end a memorable meal.

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The hamburger is anything but ordinary and far from savory. Once bitten into, a delicious dessert is unveiled featuring a bun made of coconut mousse and toasted white chocolate with mint for lettuce, mango for cheese and a chocolate patty. The innovation isn’t limited to dessert. They also serve gazpacho, a traditional Spanish soup, inside a fake tomato.

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Which of these gastro fantasies would you like to choose? My heart is set on the Viva Mexico! Personally, I am not really a fan of eating cactus but fortunately this spiky beauty is actually ice cream.

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