Studying Abroad vs. Studying at Home: Why Your FOMO is Irrelevant

Studying abroad is a million times better than studying at home, right? Right. Then why do I constantly hear students complaining about what they’re missing out on at home? You mean to tell me that while you’re spending your Friday night partying at Lucerna in Prague, you’re jealous of your friends dancing in the sweaty basement of a dilapidated frat house? To an extent, I get it. You can’t stand the thought of your friends having fun without you in your college town; but trust me when I say that you are doing far greater things by leaving campus for a semester and seeing what the world has to offer you. Let’s paint a picture, shall we?

When you get sad that all of your friends are off to Daytona beach for their spring break, remember that they will be here:


…And you’ll probably be somewhere that looks a little bit more like here:

santoriniI can totallllly see why you’d rather be in Daytona, though. That view of Santorini is average at best.

When day party season rolls around, I want you to forget about the fact that you’re missing out on this:


And think about how you’re going to be at Springfest in Munich doing this:

oktobRed cups vs. Hofbrau Steins. Definitely a tough competition.

Did your school finally get a decent performer to play at Spring weekend?

leebriceIt’s such a shame you’ll be seeing some of the biggest names in music at Barcelona abroadfest that weekend…


Missing your boyfriend’s fraternity mountain weekend?



Maybe spending a weekend surrounded by the Swiss Alps will heal your mountain weekend sadness…



Do you see what I’m getting at here? This is once in a lifetime, so stop fretting over what you might be missing at home! Chances are you have plenty of tailgates, day parties, concerts, mountain weekends and formals to make up for once you return to the states. Most people only get to do this once, so make sure you are doing right.





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