Study shows 85% of students pick travel as one of their top reasons to study abroad

Academic Programs International (API) has recently conducted a survey on ‘The goals of study abroad students in the Smartphone Generation‘. The survey reached out to students who are about to study abroad and also to study abroad alumni. At 85%, the most commonly cited goal for students about to study abroad is to explore a new country and travel to new places. It’s clear that when students come over to Europe for their semester of a lifetime, they are excited to travel and see it all. Bus2alps has trips all across Europe and beyond this upcoming Spring, with departures by bus out of Rome, Florence, Barcelona, and Prague. In addition, we’re enabling fly-in trips to all of our destinations so that there are no limits; any student studying in any given city can travel with us and be a part of the Bus2alps group travel experience. We have destinations to Interlaken, Greece, Morocco, Scotland, Ireland, Prague, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, and much more. When it comes to studying abroad in Europe, fairytale cities, rich history, and gorgeous beaches are all at your fingertips. Bus2alps enables students to experience the very best that these destinations have to offer.

Another point in the survey reveals that 72.9% of students selected money among their top 5 concerns. Studying abroad can be expensive, and if traveling is something that you definitely want to do, then it’s important to do your research and find ways to save. Bus2alps is the cheapest way to travel and consistently has the hookups to exclusive discounts on activities, rentals, and more. For students coming abroad next semester, traveling and exploring new places is one of the biggest goals and Bus2alps is excited to be a part of it!

Click here to view the entire survey results.
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This blog entry was written by Erin O'Conner.

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