Springfest Survival Guide

By Chas Ellis

Well hey there friend, looks like you just booked a trip to Springfest. You are probably stoked out of your mind and can’t wait to drink with your friends in a giant beer tent. What could be easier than that?!


Hold it. That was a test, and you failed. You can’t just go into Springfest with no pre planning or foresight. Is this the Bay of Pigs? Get it together. Don’t you worry though, I have assembled a few tips to not only survive the day, but conquer it completely.

Dress the part

image01Look at this guy. Do you think that beautiful outfit happened by accident? As soon as you arrive in Munich, be sure to purchase your Lederhosen (fellas) and your Dirndl (ladies). They vary in quality, but that decision is up to you. Also, you are going to want to give yourself ample time to get dressed in the morning. They can be a bit tricky, and I know for a fact some of you struggled putting on a corsage at prom.

Get an early start


Now that you’re dressed to the nines, it’s time to embrace the day. You didn’t come to Germany to sleep in. The pros of Springfest try to be in the grounds by 8 AM to get a spot at the tables and a head start on the lines. You will want to do the same or you could be in for a Disney World-long-wait surrounded by angry bros and angry Germans. Definitely not how you want to start the day.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint


Once you are finally inside your chosen tent, it can be tempting to start chugging and standing on benches like the other kiddies right away. Slow down there, Blutarski (that’s an animal house reference for you youngins). You are in for a very long day with lots of beer and sunshine. You definitely don’t want to overdo it in the morning. The beers are also massive and can really sneak up on you. Relax and enjoy them at a leisurely pace.

Be sure to mun(i)ch during the day


We all have that friend who seems to develop specialized amnesia every time they drink, and spend the evening ruining friendships and property. Then the next morning they are busy apologizing and saying how they “forgot to have dinner.” Don’t be that friend. There are several amazing food vendors around the festival where you can grab a giant pretzel or some delicious schnitzel along with some water. They will bring joy to your mouth while also keeping you truckin’ all day.

Make new pals!


Springfest is an awesome opportunity to meet people from all over the world and trade stories. You might even make a new couch surfing option for your future travels. Don’t stay in your college bubble while you are there. There’s only so many times you can listen to Frank and Haley tell that story about fall formal for the 60th time.

Have a bathroom plan


The bathroom lines can get pretty long and frustrating during the day. Definitely don’t wait until it’s an emergency or you’re going to wet yourself in front of more countries than the original league of nations had as members. I’ve literally watched this happen. Some people will also try and sneak in the line. Don’t be either of these guys or gals.

Snag some souvenirs


You definitely shouldn’t be afraid to buy touristy things at the festival. Buy some shirts and glasses because they have some really awesome ones. Do not try and steal a stein from the tents though. They will have you arrested, and I have a pretty good feeling that German prison was not your first choice for an evening activity.


Alright guys, you are now ready to dominate Springfest this year. Be smart, make friends, and don’t wet your pants. That is actually pretty good advice for everyday too, so you’re welcome for the life coaching. See you guys there!

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