Spring Has Sprung, Just In Time For Semana Santa!

By Emily Merrifield

Beach season is right around the corner, and luckily Spain has helped us all out by creating a week-long holiday at the end of April.   Sounds like the perfect time to take advantage of the fine weather and explore some of the best coastlines in Europe!

If you’re lucky enough to study in Europe in the spring, you can’t miss out on the best beach spots in Europe: the Amalfi Coast and the Greek Islands.

Words can’t begin to describe Italy’s Amalfi Coast.  It’s known for having the most breathtaking views in Italy, amazing beaches, and the best limoncello you’ll ever taste. You’ll have the chance to explore the island of Capri, home to the Blue Grotto.  With naturally glowing water from an underwater passage of light, you’ll understand why this sea cave is known as one of Europe’s natural wonders.  The views from the top of Anacapri will make your heart stop, and after swimming around the sea caves near Positano and lounging on the black sand beaches, you’ll never want to go home.


Greece is another amazing Mediterranean gem that shouldn’t be missed.  If you’re looking for the best party of your life, on a beautiful island, the Pink Palace is where it’s at.  Get ready for pink toga parties, a booze cruise, cliff jumping, and ATV riding around the island of Corfu…  best weekend of your life.


For the upcoming Semana Santa, make it count and have the time of your life in Greece and the Amalfi Coast.  Head over for Greece Long Weekend, spend a few days exploring Rome, and leave again on Thursday for a weekend trip to the Amalfi Coast.  Combining these two trips, and you’ll get a taste of southern Italy, Greece, and a few days in the great city of Rome.  Leave with a tan, some limoncello to bring home, and plenty of good stories to tell.

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