Spring Break Bro


This past week, hundreds of students from all over Europe embarked on the best 10 days of their lives. You know what season it is? Wedding Season! Just kidding. Own Wilson and Vince Vauhn WISH they could have as much fun as us.

Let’s start by re-visting those ridiculous times spent on Greece Island Hopping:

Corfu Booze Cruise allowed everyone to become very…close. The toga party was epic with special guests, Team Blackout Australia. Athens walking tour was perfect and everyone got sunburnt at the beach in Athens. The nightlife in Athens was wild with hookah bars and an amazing 3 course meal with unlimited wine. Santorini sunsets were phenomenal and everyone got to see the house in Oia from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. All of the guys were giddy. One of them even cried he was so excited. Red sand beach was incredible and everyone had lunch on the white couches and beach chairs at the black sand beach. Travel days never felt so good as everyone partied on the cruise ship for this constant bender. ATV safaris, hot tub parties, and delicious gyros made for one epic spring break in Greece! Over in Budapest, however, the Eastern Loop was kickin’ off.

From touring the city, getting dirtay in the underground caves, fine dining on a boatcruise down the Danube River, shopping at the Great Market Hall, and relaxing in the thermal baths, Budapest was the ultimate success! Afterwards, it was off to Krakow. Indoor water parks, salt mines, perogies, and pub crawls made Poland an exciting 2nd stop on the tour. Before heading to Prague, everyone took some time to pay their respects and visit Auschwitz.

Prague opened everyone’s eyes to the beautiful world of castles, whimsical architecture, delicious beer, peace and love at the John Lennon Wall, and fine Czech food. Then, our last destination was Munich! We got to Munich and explored the city then headed to the Hofbrauhaus to prost our steins, sing merry tunes, and indulge in gigantic pretzels. Frankie’s Bike Tour around the city was a ton of fun while everyone cruised through the streets in Munich and had a delicious lunch in the Chinese Beer Garden.

The Northern Loop was wild as over 150 of us journeyed through Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris. 5 story club, goulash, chocolate beers, and warm sunny weather set the bar HIGH for the rest of the cities. We took a tour about Prague’s history and became instant Czech-sperts. Then we were off to Berlin for some alternative culture and WWII history. The Berlin Alternative tour took us around to artist squats, political graffitti, and creative murals.  Amsterdam was groovy. Everyone frolicked around the canaled city, eating homemade french fries with 4 different sauces followed by belgian waffles and Wok to Walk and nachos and cheeseburgers with fried eggs. The Van Gogh Museum, Heineken Experience, and Anne Frank House were all frequented by students throughout the stay. We wrapped up the trip in Paris and did it in styyyyle. Our amazing hotel was less than a kilometer away from the Eiffel Tower & was surrounded by delicious French restaurants. The pub crawl was a blast and the sunset up at Sacré-Cœur was out of this world-beautiful. We watched this crazy athlete climb a telephone while bouncing a soccer ball on his head the entire time. Some students even witnessed a street performer accidentally set his beard on fire. Don’t worry-he was okay. Our final day of the tour couldn’t have been better as a huge group of us headed to Versailles to explore the palace and gardens. Lots of us rented row boats, bikes, and golf carts to play in the 70 degree sunny weather. We conquered 7 countries, 4 major cities, and 4,500 kilometers!

Overall, the Bus2alps Spring Breaks the past 10 days have been outrageously cool. For many students, this was the best Spring Break of their lives and we couldn’t be happier to have been a part of it.

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