Save the Children: Donate to Aid the Syrian Crisis

By Virginia Fay

Moving abroad brings with it benefits, challenges, and, most of all, a whole new perspective. One of the greatest gifts of living in a different culture is obtaining a new worldview and, in the best cases, cultivating a deeper sense of empathy and understanding of other cultures.

In order to cultivate these qualities, it’s imperative to pay attention to what’s happening not just in your own new culture, but around the world.

Even though we may only be temporary residents of Europe and are lucky enough not to experience the dire conditions in Syria, the crisis of hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing to Europe is extremely relevant to us. These numbers of refugees are unprecedented, with over 42,500 people fleeing their home countries every day, and many of them coming to Europe.

This is a humanitarian crisis the extent of which is only just beginning to be noted by the world at large. Videos and pictures such as these make it easier to understand the untold pain of being forced out of your country with no place to go, and it’s our responsibility to do what we can. As we are fortunate enough to reside in Europe, we’re uniquely placed to use our reach to help.

Luckily, we have the chance to make a difference. Bus2alps is committed to raising money through Save the Children to aid the Syrian refugee crisis, and your support is vital.

It’s easy to do: we’ve created an option to donate €1 or €5 with any trip booked on our website. Or, you can make a donation via our Save the Children team page in the amount of your choice.

We understand that student budgets are tight, so we’d just like to ask you to give what you can, no matter the amount. We can all do a little to help, and if we work together, it adds up to a lot.

Thanks in advance for supporting this very worthy cause!

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