Rolling into the weekend of January 27th

This past weekend was all about Interlaken and Naples. Two polar opposites, but all in all two amazing trips. Between the night sledding and hot chocolate in Switzerland to the most perfect pizza slice in Naples, the heart of Italy, students had the time of their life.

As far as Interlaken goes it was a great weekend in the Alps yet again. Clear weather made for scenic wonderlands on Friday and Saturday. It’s hard to find flaws in a place so wonderfully enchanting. Joey, the Bus2alps guide from Barcelona, took a few rookies up to Männlichen and made a few runs to shake the rust off. They had a blast and really got the hang of it. When it was time to chow down… students and locals alike smashed the Teepee, a local eatery on the mountain, for a banging Teepee Club Sandwich, then headed out for some adventure. On Saturday a few of the brave hiked The Tsuggen Couloirs…. Bad ass Bus2alps’n right there…. Friday and Saturday evening were also the time for night sledding. It’s literally like playing Sherbet Land on Mario Kart 64. The only thing missing were some banana peels and turtle shells.  It took a a few minutes for everyone to get the hang of it but by the end we were all flying down the mountain. The party scene was also alive and well this weekend. It’s clear that Balmers Metro Bar is your rage-home away from rage-home, nestled gently into the Alps…Overall an excellent weekend.

On the other side of the spectrum we had a day trip running from Rome to Naples. Known for it’s unique and chaotic personality, Naples is everything that epitomizes stereotypical Italy. The pizza, the people, the music, the passion. Our day began with a perfect pizza, the perfect wait staff, and the most perfect music. Four simple words, “pizza margherita, per favore.” And the pizza was delivered. Red and white and green and delicious. A mouthwatering masterpiece, as one would only expect from the Napoletani. One bite and we all knew instantly that this was pizza margherita to perfection. Just when we all thought life couldn’t get any better, in came the music man. “Tu vuo fa l’americano, -mmericano, -mmericano!” He played his guitar, he sang with his soul, and the music came straight from his heart. This is love. This is Italy. This is living. This is Naples.

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