Reasons Why You Have to Hit Eastern Europe

Hitting the “big” spots of Europe such as London, Paris, and Amsterdam are some of the coolest places you will travel to in Europe without a doubt; but you can’t miss out on the “hidden” beauty of Eastern Europe.  Still don’t believe me, check out why you gotta be Biggie Smalls and represent the East side.

The Thermal Baths – Budapest, Hungary

Enjoy the thermal baths with your friends in the heart of Budapest.  There are few places in the world that you can be in the middle of a city and sit/swim in the natural hot springs like you can in Budapest so jump on in, relax, and check this off of your bucket list.


Krka National Park, Croatia

Like Game of Thrones?  Of course you do, everybody does.  Then you have to head over to King’s Landing aka Croatia to see how beautiful this kingdom truly is.  No trip to Westeros would be complete without heading a bit outside of Split and checking out Krka National Park; with beautiful walking trails, fauna, and most importantly breathtaking waterfalls that you can swim underneath, you can’t miss it.

Skradinski Buk

The John Lennon Wall – Prague, Czech Republic

No trip to Eastern Europe is complete without seeing the famous John Lennon Wall in Prague.  Grab some friends, some spray paint and add your mark to this historic monument and snag that classic Instagram picture.


Lake Bled, Slovenia

Just look at this picture and it will do more justice than I can do with words; breathtaking views around at Lake Bled in beautiful Slovenia.

lakebledThrill Seeking Activities – Croatia, Budapest, and more

I thought I would include this for multiple locations for all those adrenaline junkies out there like myself.  Get your heart racing by white water rafting in Croatia, caving in Budapest, bungee jumping in Croatia, and so many more options.  So get out there and do some shit that will give your parents a mini heart attack back home.

download (2)

Beautiful Town Squares – Krakow, Poland and Prague, Czech Republic

These beautiful market areas in the heart of both Krakow with Main Market Square and Old Town Square in Prague are simply breathtaking with clock towers, cathedrals, beautiful architecture and great shops/restaurants surrounding the area, you can get lost for hours exploring these beautiful areas.  Check out Main Market Square in Krakow below.

download (3)BEER/NIGHTLIFE

Ok the caps lock might be a little excessive for this one, but for all you beer drinkers/partiers out there, you haven’t truly experienced European nightlife until you’ve headed to Eastern Europe.  First, the expression “beer is cheaper than water” is not a lie.  Grab a delicious local pint for $0.30 American to no more than $2.00 for huge glasses of deliciousness.  You can drink these cool beers at a wide array of venues; cave bars, ruin bars, old style pubs, and crazy multi-floor clubs; so it has a bit of something for everybody.

prague u sudu wine bar 2

All of these reasons combined will help make your time abroad the best ever!

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