Put on your thinking cap Ben Stein

It’s time to put all your knowledge acquired “studying” abroad to good use! The
grueling hours invested to ensure optimum midterm grades will be sure to pay off
when you partake in the ultimate Bus2alps trivia challenge, Quiz Night, tomorrow at
8pm. What better way to reward yourself than a discounted trip to one of the most
sought after destination spots in Europe and beyond? When you return to your days
of frat parties and all nighters I guarantee you will regret not taking advantage of
this opportunity.

Let us help you have one more amazing weekend. Log on to the Bus2alps fan page
tomorrow night http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bus2alps/20895286656 at 8pm.
Six questions will be posted about various Bus2alps trips and the first contestant to
correctly answer will get a prize!

To participate you must do the following:

1) Like the Bus2alps fan page
2) Wait for the questions to be posted at 8pm
3) Submit your answer by commenting on the question post

The first correct answer will prevail in winning the Bus2alps prize package.
Although victorious excitement may overwhelm you, be sure to book within twelve
hours or your well earned prize will expire! So get studying, get clicking, and get


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