Prague & Munich

By Becca Pilolla

There’s only one word that really describes Prague, and it’s fairytale. It’s so easy to get caught up in what the city of Prague has to offer. Form the huge castle, to the gorgeous Cathedral at the end of it, from the Old Square, to the cheap food! What kind of fairytale doesn’t include great beer that’s cheaper than water? It’s such a magical place. The John Lennon wall is one site you can’t miss either! All the cool graffiti and people’s expressions of peace is so fascinating. Walk across the Charles Bridge, and you will sure get a feel of the kind of atmosphere Prague is filled with.

Art, music, culture, vintage, gothic, my list of descriptions can go on, but let’s be honest, you just need to go there and check it out for yourself, I promise you wont’ be disappointed. Make sure to hit it up and Czech Prague off your European list!


And since you’re heading to Prague for the weekend, why not take another historical pit stop along the way, and check out Munich for a day? The history and architecture there is another must see. The way the city has overcome all that happened during the wars is really neat. One of my favorite things I’ve ever done is Europe is the bike tour in Munich. The stories, the sites, and of course what’s more European than riding a bike through the streets of Munich, Germany? You actually feel like you’re biking through history. The guides of Frankie’s Bike Tours make you feel like you’re there in that moment in history. From standing outside the Hofbrauhaus where Hitler used to have his meetings, to the streets the Nazi’s used to occupy, to biking through the gardens eating great sausages and drinking a big iced cold stein.


You can’t leave Europe without holding that stein as big as your face, showing off to all your friends how fast you can chug it; or your jumping pic in front of the Lennon wall.  Your Euro-trip is simply not complete without a weekend to these places! Summer time in the USA is filled with beaches, but we’re not in the USA anymore, so it’s time to spend your summer like a European, and hit up its top sites during this gorgeous season!

Bus2alps is a student travel agency that offers weekend trips to Prague & Munich.  For more information on how you can see the John Lennon Wall in Prague and eat pretzels the size of your head in Munich, please click here


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